Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Beauty of Anonymity: Adrien Arpel Model

Makeup mogul Adrien Arpel is known for her makeover regimens, and her company has made them a cornerstone of its advertisements.  This model is from one such "makeover" ad, taken from a newspaper ad for Adrien Arpel's department store counters.

This, of course, would be the "after-makeover" picture. :-D

Adrien Arpel's company has promised that women only need thirty minutes to "put on a great new face," and whether or not it takes that long, this model's face certainly proves the latter claim. :-)

This woman's striking beauty is the sort that burns into your memory; you could never forget a face like hers.  The only trouble is, I don't know the identity of this model, and I have no way of finding out.  I include her here because she looks both striking and softly sexy at the same time.  

The Arpel ad this particular photo was taken from was from the late seventies.  If anyone can identify this gorgeous model, please do so by leaving a comment on this post.  Naturally, because this photo is so obscure, I don't expect any replies.     

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