Monday, August 18, 2014

Model Kriss Ziemer

Recognize this ad?

It's an ad for Bain de Soleil (French "for sun bath"), a suntan lotion promising the type of tan all the women of St.-Tropez on the French Riviera have.  The deeply tanned, exotic "Frenchwoman" in the ad is actually Kriss Ziemer, an American model.  Below is a black-and-white photo showing her . . . not so tanned.

Kriss Ziemer was an enthusiastic Bain de Soleil spokeswoman, as this 1988 article from the Chicago Tribune attests, but she was hardly a foolish sunbather. She made it a point to keep her skin healthy and her tanning in moderation.

After all, she needed to tone it down a bit for photos like this:

She didn't need a bronzing tan to look like a goddess. :-) 

Oh yes, her agency history.  Kriss Ziemer was associated with the Zoli modeling agency in New York and the Atlanta-Miami agency L'Agence before moving to Wilhelmina in the mid-eighties . . . with a brief intermezzo at the Reinhard agency in Philadelphia.

No Paris agencies, though . . . 


Anonymous said...

Always loved her in the Bain de Soleil ads.

Unknown said...

Haha..Awesome memories!!! This ad was everywhere as I was growing up...Magazines, Television...Even now, I think it's an amazing ad. 😎

Missie said...

Awesome ad campaign with this one!!! I grew up watching the ads in magazines and television commercials...Fond childhood memories..

Unknown said...

Did Kriss get her start with the La Belle Modeling Agency in Santa Barbara, CA & did she graduate from San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara, CA?

Steve said...

As far I as can find out, I believe the answer is yes to both questions.