Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Latest Numbers and Statistics

I have now posted pictures of 835 different women since I began this blog in September 2006.  And I have one change to report on my statistics for the ten most popular posts.

Nothing has changed in positions one through nine - those posts are the same as before, with my July 2011 post of NBC and MSNBC newswoman Kristen Welker, as always, on top.  But my March 2011 post of British actress Lesley-Anne Down has displaced my April 2011 post of German model Margrit Ramme for number ten.  This change means that an actress primarily known for movies is represented in the top ten once again, but it leaves Sheila Johnson - my September 2009 post of whom is still at number two - the only woman primarily known for modeling who is represented here.  But who knows? My other posts paying tribute to Margrit Ramme could work their way up to this chart, and I have more pictures of her to come going forward. :-)

Another statistic I'd like to throw out:  As I noted earlier, I posted two blog entries in March 2014 that proved to be very popular, one of Italian fashion model Alda Balestra, the other of American on-camera meteorologist Stef Davis, who appears online on  Who do you think would be more popular?  I would have guessed Alda Balestra for her iconic Christian Dior ads alone.  But Stef Davis continues to be much more popular with viewers.  In fact, her post has, as of today, gotten more than triple the number of pageviews that my first post devoted to Alda Balestra (I added two more after that) has gotten - 936 to 305. Which only goes to show you, again, that you never know who's going to click with your audience - you only think you know.  Also, while I can control who appears on this blog, I can't control who's more popular.

Right.  I have a few retrospectives I plan to close out the month with, then a new A-Z round begins in September.  I'll be back soon. :-)  

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