Monday, October 24, 2016

Fashion model Isa Lorenz

Isa Lorenz is a model whose work in the late seventies and early eighties took her to two different cities in two different countries.

She worked in Paris through the L'Agence agency, then in 1978 she went to New York, where she continued her career through Model Management.  Almost immediately, she switched to Elite, and she divided her time between that agency's New York and Paris offices.     

By the mid-eighties, she had joined the Wilhelmina agency in New York.  No matter what the modeling agency or city, Isa Lorenz still complied an impressive portfolio. :-) 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Television personality Jameela Jamil

Americans may not have heard of Jameela Jamil before, unless they lived in Great Britain in the early 2010s and watched a lot of the BBC's Channel 4. But by the time many of them read this, they will likely have heard of her for her role on the American TV sitcom "The Good Place," starring Kristen Bell (an earlier honoree on this blog) and Ted Danson.  

Jameela Jamil was a weekend TV presenter on Channel 4 and its sister digital channel E4, hosting music and fashion shows and interviewing American celebrities such as Denzel Washington and Johnny Depp.  She was also a presenter on the BBC's Radio 1 network, where she hosted "The Official Chart Update," a spinoff of Radio 1's long-running program "The Official Chart." As you can gather, that show counts down the most popular and bestselling singles in Britain.

A breast cancer scare caused her to walk away from her career and take some time off, and when the opportunity to star in an American sitcom came along, she took it, wanting to take a risk and try something new.  On "The Good Place," Ms. Jamil plays a deceased wealthy philanthropist in the afterlife, an afterlife in which Kristen Bell's character doesn't quit feel she belongs in.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Model Cindy Harrell

Cindy Harrell is yet another model from the profession's golden age in the 1980s.

In addition to doing print ads for Tab diet cola, as shown above, she also appeared in a TV commercial for Cover Girl mascara.  I remember it well.  How could I remember it?  Because she actually got a credit in it - that's how I learned her name - and she even had a line in it! :-) 

Ms. Harrell was represented by the Wilhelmina agency back in the 1980s.  Today, she's retired from modeling, and she's married to Alan Horn, the chairman of Walt Disney Studios.  They have two daughters, one of whom, Cody, is an actress.   

Friday, October 14, 2016

Actress Isabel Glasser

Isabel Glasser is an actress who was at her most active in the early 1990s.

She had roles in movies such as the Mel Gibson film Forever Young and the country-and-western flick Pure Country, but she also was prominently featured in the "Law & Order" TV franchise.   

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Reporter Susan Davis

Susan Davis is more likely to be heard than seen. She is a congressional reporter for National Public Radio. She does, however, appear as a panelist on PBS' "Washington Week," hosted by Gwen Ifill (an earlier honoree on this blog). Sometimes Ms. Davis appears as the substitute host.

She has reported on politics for many years, and not just in broadcasting. Her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, National Journal, and Roll Call. Originally from Philadelphia, she graduated from American University in Washington.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Eighties model Deborah Carney

Deborah Carney is a model from the 1980s who had what's commonly known as that "all-American" look.

It was a look she perfected with her smile, whether it was an ear-to-ear grin . . .

. . . or a softer expression.

She was represented by the Wilhelmina agency in New York between 1983 and 1986. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Model Susan Brainard

Susan Brainard was one of the top models of the swinging sixties.

A model with the esteemed Ford agency, she worked both in New York and Paris and appeared in many ads and editorials that are pretty indicative of what late-sixties fashion not in vogue with the hippies was like.  Susan Brainard herself was pretty . . . pretty. :-D 

And she still is, as seen in this more recent color picture.

Today Susan Brainard is involved with animal welfare activism. She remains as vital as she is beautiful. :- ) 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Actress Samaire Armstrong

Samaire Armstrong is an actress known primarily for her TV roles.

She's best known for her role as Anna Stern in "Th O.C.," a teen drama set in Orange County, California.  Anna was invented as a one-shot character and became a semi-regular for fifteen episodes when it became apparent that the show's audience wanted to see more of her.

Ms. Armstrong has been in various movies, including Not Another Teen Movie, Just My Luck, and Concrete Blondes.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Into The Second Decade!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has followed "Pictures of Beautiful Women" in the past ten years and made this blog so successful. This blog has had 1,307,559 views so far, an astonishing achievement.

Here's yet another look at my ten most popular posts of all time, going back to May 2010 when started keeping records for that sort of thing.  Apart from a surge in popularity for my March 2014 post of on-camera meteorologist Stef Davis, there's not much new here from before, but there you go.   

As always, you can click on the image to see it better.

I'll be starting my first A-Z round of new subjects of this blog's second decade soon, but don't be surprised if, after a couple of posts, you don't hear from me for awhile.  As I type this, Hurricane Matthew is going berserk down in the Caribbean and the U.S. East Coast - all of it - could be affected within in the coming week. As I live in New Jersey, that would mean a likely electrical and/or cable blackout for my area if Matthew did have an impact here.  Maybe I'll be spared, but I have to be frank; at thisd point, it does not look good. :-(

One other thing: Congratulations to everyone who had the stamina to go through my lists of my subjects on this blog - five hundred per list - to see whom I've featured.  I am seriously thinking of having a list once a year, rather than once every five years, so it will be easier to peruse.  The first list was done on the spur of the moment - as of 2011, I hadn't considered having a list of women featured on this blog before then, so I decided to make a list of the first five hundred women I featured and make another list of five hundred women as I went along.  But an annual list is probably a better idea.

Right, enough of my banter.  I'll be back soon with my one thousand and first woman to be featured on this blog. :-)   

Friday, September 30, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Margrit Ramme

Once again, the lovely Margrit Ramme, looking very pensive and thoughtful. :-)

You want soft focus?  It doesn't get any softer than this.

The photographer behind her seems to suggest that there is no way you can take a bad picture of Margrit Ramme because she doesn't have one bad angle. :-) 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Beverly Lee

When Beverly Lee was a top model, she was associated with the Ford modeling agency.  This photo is a head shot from a Ford comp card from the late seventies.  Comp cards tend to feature one model or a whole roster of models, for the consideration of advertisers and fashion editors.

This photo is a thumbnail from a Ford roster card.  Clearly, a larger photo would do Ms. Lee more justice.

Fortunately, I have one. :-)

This ethereal photo is from the same time frame as the thumbnail.

Beverly Lee looks alluring in any photo, no matter how big or small. :-)  

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Dianne deWitt in Blue and Green

Having reached a thousand women in time for this blog's tenth anniversary, I'm closing out September 2016 with a few retrospectives of models I've featured before.  First up: Dianne deWitt.

One of the classiest models from the 1980s, Dianne deWitt shows here how she was able to make anything haute couture look tres haute.

I've been told that blue and green are colors that clash. You wouldn't know it from the way Dianne deWitt sports this blue-and-green dress. :-)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Beautiful Women: The Second Five Years!

Just as I did when I had reached my first group of five hundred women in the first five years of this blog, I now present a list of the five hundred women I have featured in the half-decade since.

Unlike last time, where I had to go  back over my posts and made note of every single name of the women I featured between September 2006 and September 2011, I kept a record of every woman I featured from late September 2011 to the present (the present being the date of this blog entry) as I went along.  As always, actresses, dancers and models predominate, but there are also athletes, news personalities, on-air weather forecasters, and even a few politicians here.  As with the women I featured in the first five years of this blog, a good deal of them are American, but other countries are also represented.  And where a woman's nationality was in doubt, I did not list one. 

Sorry to say,  I could not identify all of the women I featured here from late September to the present; those that are not, all of whom are models, are listed as "unidentified" models for ads for whatever product or brand was being advertised.  (I did get the name of Katie Easton, whom I identified here yesterday, on this list at the last moment. :-) )  If you want to look up on this blog these unidentified women take note of the products or brands I tied them to on this list, then type in the product or brand listed in the search field in the upper left hand corner of the blog screen; to seek anyone else, just type into the search field any name on this list to see for yourself the women I have featured on this blog in its second half-decade. I'm sure you'll agree that I have a very eclectic list of subjects, just as I did before. :-) 

Paula Abbott, American fashion model
Llarisa Abreu, American weather forecaster
Claudia Abruzzo, fashion and beauty model
Kim Acee, fashion model
Chelsea Lynn Acree, American modern dancer
Cynthia Addai-Robinson, American (British-born) actress
Adele, British popular singer
Jalelah Ahmed, American weather forecaster
Sharyn Alfonsi, American broadcast journalist
Karen Allen, American actress
Alana Allende, American modern dancer
Carol Alt, American fashion model and actress
Laura Alvarez, Venezuelan fashion model
Alicia Amie, American motivational speaker and interviewer
Suzy Amis, American model and actress
Julie Anderson, fashion model and Webzine founder
Julie Andrews, British actress and singer
Odette Annable, American television actress
Gabrielle Anwar, American (British-born) actress
Aria, fashion and beauty model
Zain Asher, British journalist and CNN reporter
Lauren Ashburn, American journalist and social media expert
Annaleigh Ashford, American stage actress
Victoria Azarenka, Belarusian tennis player
De'Adre Aziza, American stage actress
Alda Balestra, Italian fashion model and (Berlin-based) public relations consultant
Coralie Balmy, French swimmer
Samantha Barczak, American ballet dancer
Belinda Bauer, American (Australian-born) model, actress, and psychologist
Anna Bayle, Philippine fashion model
Nicole Beharie, American actress
Kristina Behr, American broadcast journalist
Kristen Bell, American actress
Laura Benanti, American musical actress
Marisa Berenson, American model and actress
Debara Bertin, American fashion and beauty model
Anne Bezamat, French fashion model and jewelry designer
Leslie Bibb, American actress
Jacqueline Bisset, British actress
Karen Bjornson, American fashion model
Alana Blanchard, American competitive surfer
Christine Bleakley, British television personality
Megan Boone, American actress
Carole Bouquet, French actress
Ami Brabson, American actress
Lise Brand, fashion model
Betsy Brandt, American television actress
Sarah Braverman, American modern dancer
Brenda Braxton, American stage musical actress
Karen Brewer, fashion model
Jennifer Brice, American model and actress
Geneviève Bujold, Canadian actress
Sandra Bullock, American actress
Gloria Burgess, American fashion model
Clarissa Burt, American model, actress and writer
Sophia Bush, American television actress
Dalma Callado, Brazilian fashion model
Liz Callaway, American stage actress and singer
Cécilia Cara, French singer and actress
Claudia Cardinale, Italian actress
Geri Carranza, fashion model
Laetitia Casta, French fashion model and actress
Lacey Chabert, American actress
Sarah Chalke, Canadian television actress
Betsy Chang, American dancer and stage actress
Kim Charlton, American fashion model
Lois Chiles, American model and actress
Roberta Chirko, American model
Madison Chock, American ice dancer
Frances Chung, Canadian ballet dancer
Jamie Chung, American actress
Emilia Clarke, British actress
Keri Claussen, American fashion model
Anna Cleveland, American (Dutch-born) fashion model
Shelby Coleman, American fashion model
Shawn Colvin, American folk-rock singer-songwriter
Petra Conti, Italian ballet dancer
Rachael Leigh Cook, American actress
Misty Copeland, American ballet dancer
Natalie Coughlin, American swimmer
Jan Crawford,, American newspaper and television reporter
Claudia Cron, American beauty model and fine artist
Denise Crosby, American television actress
Elisha Cuthbert, Canadian actress
Whitney Cummings, American comedian and television actress
Kaley Cuoco, American television actress
Yaya DaCosta, American actress and model
Alexandra Daddario, American actress
Faith Daniels, American broadcast journalist
Blythe Danner, American actress
Meryl Davis, American American ice dancer
Stef Davis, American weather forecaster
Wendy Davis, American politician, Texas State Senator, 2009 to 2015
Nina Davulari, Miss America 2014
Pam Dawber, American television actress
Jessica Dean, American broadcast journalist
Nancy Decker, American fashion model
Olivia de Havilland, American (British-born) actress
Dana Delany, American television actress
Jeanette Delgado, American ballet dancer
Patricia Delgado, American ballet dancer, older sister of dancer Jeanette Delgado
Carmen Dell'Orefice, American fashion model
Donna Denton, fashion model
Susan Deren, fashion model
Jenna Dewan, American actress and dancer
Aixa Diaz, American TV reporter
Gema Diaz, Cuban ballet dancer
Peggy Dillard, American fashion model
Ashley Dougherty American TV weather forecaster
Catherine Dyer, British fashion model
Katie Easton, beauty model (originally presented here as an unidentified Adrien Arpel "makeover" model, identified later)

Erica Lynette Edwards, American ballet dancer
Carolyn Effer, American (Canadian-born) fashion model and restaurant owner
Carmen Ejogo, British actress
Caroline Ellen, American fashion model and jewelry designer
Gail Elliott, British fashion model and clothing line owner
Kelly Emberg, American fashion and beauty model
CariDee English, American beauty model
Donna English, American stage actress
Jessica Ennis, British track and field athlete
Mireille Enos, American actress
Julia Erickson, American ballet dancer
Gunnel Eriksson, fashion and beauty model
Stefanie Estes, American actress
Kelly Evans, American broadcast journalist and business reporter
Roxanne Evans, American broadcast journalist
Angie Everhart, American fashion model and actress
Kriss Evtikhieva, fashion and beauty model
Lauren Fadeley, American ballet dancer
Fan Bingbing, Chinese actress
Anna Faris, American actress
Hilary Farr, Canadian interior designer and TV documentary host
Viviane Fauny, French fashion model
Cristina Ferrare, American fashion model and television personality
Karen Finney, American political commentator
Katie Finneran, American stage and television actress
Caitlin FitzGerald, American actress
Shalane Flanagan, American long-distance runner
Laura Flanders, American political commentator
Vonetta Flowers, American sprinter, long jumper and bobsledder
Julie Floyd, American fashion model
Lisa Forbes, fashion model
Rosemarie Ford, British dancer and actress
Navideh Forghani, American broadcast journalist
Lesli Foster, American broadcast journalist
Sutton Foster, American actress and singer
Lizzi Franklin, British actress and choreographer
Deborah Frazier, fashion model
Vanessa Freeman, American TV news reporter
Kate French, American actress
Ines de la Fressange, French fashion and beauty model and fashion designer
Ann-Charlotte Frisell, fashion model
Dawn Gallagher, American fashion model and wellness expert
Melissa George, Australian actress
Anna Gerberich, American ballet dancer
Greta Gerwig, American actress, screenwriter and director
Simonetta Gianfelici, Italian fashion model
Helena Gibbons, fashion model
Kirsten Gillibrand, American politician, United States Senator (D-NY), 2009 to present
Kearran Giovanni, American actress and dancer
Kimberly Gill, American broadcast journalist
Julia Gillard, Australian (British-born) politician, first female prime minister of Australia, 2010 to 2013
Joan Gocha, American fashion and beauty model
Renée Elise Goldsberry, American stage actress and singer
Clio Goldsmith, French actress
Jessica Lee Goldyn, American stage musical actress
Edith González, Mexican actress
Ellie Goulding, British pop singer
Alicia Graf Mack, American modern dancer
Erin Gray, American television actress
Mariel Greenlee, American modern dancer
Rachel Griffiths, Australian actress
Yasmine Guenancia, American (German-born) fashion model and entrepreneur
Jerry Hall, American fashion model and actress
Jeanette Hallen, fashion model
Brit Hammer, American fashion model
Maria Hanson, Swedish fashion and beauty model
Jessica Hardy, American swimmer
Shalom Harlow, Canadian model and actress
Valerie Harper, American actress
Naomie Harris, British actress
Mary Hart, American television presenter and entertainment reporter
Erinn Hayes, American television actress
Holly Headrick, American television newswoman
Tiffany Hedman, American ballet dancer
Briga Heelan, American television actress
Marg Helgenberger, American television actress
Marie Helvin, British (Japanese/American born) fashion model
Nia-Mailka Henderson, American political reporter and commentator
Jessica Hendy, American stage actress and singer
Marpessa Hennink, Dutch (Italy-based) fashion model
Natasha Henstridge, Canadian actress and model
Sue Herera, American broadcast business journalist
Cheryl Hines, American television actress
Lynsey Hipgrave, British radio and television broadcaster
Nancy Hogshead, American swimmer
Dara Holmes, American ballet dancer
Kate Honea, American ballet dancer
Denise Hopkins, fashion model
Karen Howard, American fashion model
Cindy Hsu, American broadcast journalist
Judy Hsu, American broadcast journalist
Angela Hucles, American soccer player
Kirsty Hume, British (U.S.-based) fashion model
Rachel Hunter, New Zealandic fashion model
Pamela Huntington, American model and actress
Michelle Hurd, American actress
Darli Iakovleva, Estonian (U.S.-based) ballet dancer
Ludmila Isaeva Malahova, Russian fashion model
Britanny Ishibashi, American television actress
Midori Ito, Japanese figure skater
Dominique Jackson, American actress
Kelly Jackson, American TV newswoman
Regine Jaffry, fashion model
Nancy Jenks, fashion model
Michelle Jenneke, Australian hurdler
Carmelita Jeter, American track sprinter
Kerry Jewitt, fashion and beauty model
Weijia Jiang, American (Chinese-born) television news reporter
Felicity Jones, British actress
Samantha Jones, fashion model and actress
Tamala Jones, American actress
Claudia Jordan, American media personality
Elle Joslyn, British model and commerical actress
Lena Kansbod, Swedish fashion and beauty model
Stana Katic, Canadian/American actress
Brianna Keilar, American (Australian-born) broadcast journalist
Gail Kendrick, Jamaican fashion and beauty model
Jill Kennington, British fashion model
Jennifer Kessy, American beach volleyball player
Alicia Keys, American neo-soul singer
Rinko Kikuchi, Japanese actress
Janet King, fashion model
Beverly Kirk, American broadcast journalist, producer, and professor
Lynne Koester, American fashion model
Hoda Kotb, American broadcast journalist
Elena Kountoura, Greek model and politician
Vibeke Knudsen, Danish model and actress
Clare Kramer, American actress
Jana Kramer, American actress and singer
Evelyn Kuhn, German model
Maureen Kyle, American broadcast journalist
Padma Lakshmi, American (Indian-born) model, actress and author
Barbara Langlois, fashion model
Erin Langston, American ballet dancer
Suzanne Lanza, American model and actress
Maria LaRosa, American on-air weather forecaster
Brie Larson, American actress
Eva LaRue, American actress
Katrina Law, American actress and musicican
Jennifer Lawrence, American actress
Maggie Lawson, American actress
Beverly Lee, American fashion model
Melissa Lee, American business news reporter
Estelle Lefébure, French fashion model
Noémie Lenoir, French model and actress
Hayley Lewis, Australian swimmer
Nastia Liukin, American (Russian-born) gymnast
Pia Lindström, American (Swedish-born) broadcast journalist and film critic
Lisa LoCicero, American television actress
Martha Longley, American fashion and beauty model
Jennifer Lopez, American actress and singer
Caity Lotz, American actress
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, American actress and comedian
Julia Mancuso, American Alpine skier
Aimee Mann, American singer-songwriter
Jen Markham, American Internet reporter
Esmé Marshall, American fashion model
Carol Martin, American broadcast journalist
Darnell Martin, American movie director
Marja Martinez, American weather forecaster
Judit Mascó, Spanish fashion model
Kikan Massara, Swedish ex-model and psychotherapist
Terry May, fashion model
Tina Maze, Slovenian skier, model and singer
Patricia McBride, American ballet dancer
Stella McCartney, British fashion designer
Audra McDonald, American actress and singer
Mary McDonnell, American actress
Elizabeth McGovern, American actress
Melinda McGraw, American actress
Pat McGuire, fashion model
Katharine McPhee, American singer and actress
Cristin Milioti, American actress
Michelle Miller, American TV news reporter
Barbara Minty, American fashion model and photographer
Helen Mirren, British actress
Octavia Mitchell, American television newswoman
Suzanne Mitchell, fashion model
Tamako Miyazaki, Japanese (U.S.-based) ballet dancer
Janet Montgomery, British actress
Poppy Montgomery, Australian actress
Mary Tyler Moore, American actress
Linda Morand, American fashion and beauty model
Jeanne Moreau, French actress
Alex Morgan, American soccer player
Erin Moriarty, American television reporter ("48 Hours," CBS)
Madison Morris, American ballet dancer
Emily Mortimer, British actress
Laura Morton, fashion model
Regina Mumme, German model
Astrid Muñoz, Puerto Rican model and photographer
Vanessa Murdock, American weather forecaster
Ashley Murphy, American ballet dancer
Maye Musk, American (Canadian-born) model and nutritionist
Yukie Nakama, Japanese actress
Kim Neblett, American fashion model
Maryam Nemazee, Iranian-British TV newswoman
Barbara Neumann, fashion model
Paula Newton, Canadian television reporter
Connie Nielsen, Danish actress
Veronique Nogris, fashion model
Lupita Nyong'o, Kenyan/Mexican actress
Soledad O'Brien, American broadcast journalist
Gail O'Grady, American television actress
Sofia Ojeda, American (Peruvian-born) television reporter
Funmi Okusi,, Nigerian fashion model
Jackie Old Coyote, American model and actress
Beth Orton, British singer-songwriter
Meghan Ory, Canadian actress
Tina Ou, Broadway stage actress
Stacy Oversier, American model, rhythmic gymnast, and actress
Patty Owen, American model and actress
Geena Pacareu, Spanish (U.S. based) contemporary dancer
Jill Paice, American musical actress
Jessica Paré, Canadian actress
Kait Parker, American weather forecaster
Elsa Pataky, Spanish actress
Christine Paterson, American musical actress
Tatjana Patitz, German model
Meredith Patterson, American musical actress
Paula Patton, American actress
Marie-José Pérec, French track athlete
Missy Peregrym, Canadian television actress
Erica Pereira, American ballet dancer
Cassandra Peterson, American actress, portrayer of "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark"
Jane Pfitsch, American stage actress
Jennifer Phillips, fashion model
Paloma Picasso, Spanish/French jewelry designer
Kellie Pickler, American country singer
Rosamund Pike, British actress
Pam Piper, fashion model
Amy Poehler, American actress and comedian
Clemence Poesy, French actress
Ellen Pompeo, American actress
Tisha Powell, American broadcast journalist
Michele Powers, American on-air weather forecaster
Laura Prepon, American actress
Carla Punch, American stage actress and fitness trainer
Frauke Quast, German fashion model
Suzi Quatro, American (U.K.-based) rock singer and bassist
Kathy Quirk, American fashion and beauty model and photographer
Katie Raml, American TV news anchor
Christie Rampone, American soccer player
Phylicia Rashad, American actress
Anna Rawson, Australian golfer
Joy Reid, American journalist
Susan Rice, American diplomat, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations from 2009 to 2013
Joely Richardson, British actress
Daisy Ridley, British actress
Wendy Rieger, American broadcast journalist
Krysten Ritter, American actress
Maggie Rizer, American fashion model
Amy Robach, American broadcast journalist
Margot Robbie, Australian actress
Shaun Robinson, American media personality and TV reporter
Susan Robinson, fashion model
Valerie Robinson, fashion model
Melonee Rodgers, fashion model
Beth Rogers, fashion model
Kate Rogers, American broadcast business journalist
Christine Romans, American broadcast business journalist
Annette Roque, Dutch fashion model
Andrea Ross, fashion model
April Ross, American beach volleyball player
Kayla Rowser, American ballet dancer
Chris Royer, American fashion and beauty model
Vanessa Rubin, American jazz singer
Maya Rudolph, American actress and comedienne
Shiba Russell, American broadcast journalist
Theresa Russell, American actress
Amy Rust, fashion model
Verena Sailer, German track athlete
Jessica St. Clair, American actress and comedienne
Saki, fashion model
Meredith Salenger, American actress
Jane-Lee Salmons, American fashion model
Laura Sanchez, Spanish model and actress
Summer Sanders, American swimmer
Susan Sarandon, American actress
Claudia Schiffer, German fashion model
Hanna Schygulla, German (Paris-based) actress and singer
Lara Seibert, American stage actress
Sharece M. Sellem, American performance artist
Donna Sexton, American fashion model
Léa Seydoux, French actress
Jane Seymour, British actress
Stephanie Seymour, American fashion model
Elena Shaddow, American stage actress
Tara Shannon, American fashion model
Eden Sher, American television actress
Heather Alicia Simms, American television actress
Renée Simonsen, Danish fashion and beauty model
Beckanne Sisk, American ballet dancer
Joan Smalls, Puerto Rican fashion model
Kristen Smith Davis, American stage actess
Jurnee Smolett-Bell, American actress
Rebecca Soni, American swimmer
Talisa Soto, American model and actress
Gabriela Spanic, Venezuelan actress
Linda Spierings, Dutch fashion model
Patricia Stevens, fashion and beauty model
Sheila Stodden, fashion and beauty model
Yvonne Strahovski, Australian actress
Meryl Streep, American actress
Pam Suthern, fashion model
Brynja Sverrisdottir, Icelandic (U.K.-based) model and jewelry designer
Yuan Tan Tan, Chinese ballet dancer
Kayla Tausche, American broadcast business journalist (CNBC)
Ava Taylor, fashion model
Femi Taylor, British actress and dancer
Rachael Taylor, Australian actress
Tamara Taylor, Canadian actress
Susan Tedeschi, American rock singer
Beth Tegarden, American model and actress
Roseanne Tellez, American broadcast journalist
Stella Tennant, British fashion model
Léonie Thoms, German musical actress
Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Danish politician, Prime Minister of Denmark (2011-2015)
Cheryl Tiegs, American fashion model
Kathryn Tkel, American stage actress
Toko, Japanese fashion model
Tamlyn Tomita, American (Japanese-born) actress
Dara Torres, American swimmer
Cynthia Tucker, American newspaper editor, professor and commentator
Marcia Turnier, fashion model
Emily Tyra, American stage actress and dancer
Liv Ullmann, Norwegian actress
Nancy Umhoefer, American fashion model
unidentified Clairol model
unidentified model (known only as "Adriana")
unidentified model from a newspaper article about exercise
unidentified Revlon "Fabu-Laxer" model
unidentified stock-photo model (from Comcast Xfinity's Web page)
Laura Valentine, American fashion model
Milana Vayntrub, American (Uzbek-born) actress
Valentina Vezzali, Italian fencer
Valerie Vidal, fashion model
Andrea Vierra, American ballet dancer
Dana Vollmer, American swimmer
Lindsey Vonn, American skier
Alex Wagner, American journalist and commentator
Molly Wagner, American ballet dancer
Dreama Walker, American actress
Eva Wallen, fashion model
Kerri Walsh-Jennings, American beach volleyball player
Clarissa Ward, American international and war correspondent
Leigh Nicole Ward, American (Boston-based) model and actress
Elizabeth Warren, American politician, United States Senator (D-MA), 2013 to present
Victoria Warren, American TV news reporter
Sigourney Weaver, American actress
Raquel Welch, American actress
Jane Wells, American broadcast journalist
Carolina White, fashion model
Mae Whitman, American actress
Lauren Whitney, American on-camera weather forecaster
Michelle Wie, American golfer
Kristen Wiig, American comedian and actress
Olivia Wilde, American actress
Allison Williams, American actress
Amanda Williams, fashion model
Caroline Williams, fashion model
Rachel Williams, American fashion model
Belinda Wilson, fashion model
Reese Witherspoon, American movie actress
Alex Witt, American broadcast journalist
Julie Wolfe, American fashion model
Jadyn Wong, Canadian actress
Kendell Wood, American ballet dancer
Jennifer Woods, fashion model
Caroline Wozniacki, Danish tennis player
Sarah Wright, American actress
Yan Xi, American (Chinese-born) actress
Charmene Yap, Australian contemporary dancer
Jennifer Yarrow, Canadian fashion model, abstract painter, and teacher
Wendy Young, fashion model
Grace Yu, Hong Kong Chinese fashion model
Natalia Zambiazi, Brazilian fashion model
Noriko Zaragoza, Japanese (U.S.-based) ballet dancer
Gisele Zelauy, Brazilian fashion model and writer
Kriss Ziemer, American model
Constance Zimmer, American actress
Heidi Zimmerman, fashion model
Asya Zlatina, Russian dancer

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Beauty of Anonymity, Model ID Update: Katie Easton!

Back In August 2014, I posted this-black-and-white picture of a striking model from an ad for Adrien Arpel makeovers - this particular ad was for a department store promotion  - and I asked if anyone could identify her.   She was one of those anonymous models you see in a mundane newspaper ad and can't forget because her look is so distinctive that it burns into your memory.

Well, I recently posted this same picture on a Facebook group page devoted to models, and thanks to feedback from some friends and some friends of friends - and they all agree on this - I can now identify her as beauty model Katie Easton.

The original black-and-white photo is from 1979; the color photo, already confirmed as a photo of Katie Easton, is from 1985.  It is quite obvious that they are pictures of one and the same woman.

Success! :-D

Now for some information on our newly identified subject.  Katie Easton is a beauty model from the seventies and eighties who specialized as a hand and leg model, which explains why her hands are so predominant in the photos above.   She worked in Paris through the Model Promotion agency in the early seventies and worked in New York through Zoli in the mid-1980s.  She was also with the Stewart agency, and she was likely there at the time the Arpel ad photo was taken.    

And while she worked extensively with her hands and legs - one person who helped me identify her her said she would regularly wear lacy white gloves to protect her hands - her face especially demanded photographic attention. The black-and-white photo below, from 1983, is a nicely soft image that shows just how much the camera loved her. :-)

Thanks to Les Carron, Tony Spinelli, and Louise Roberts for helping me to identifying this incredibly beautiful woman. :-) 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Actress Raquel Welch

Behold, my one thousandth subject on this blog - just in time for its tenth anniversary!

And who better than Raquel Welch, one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood and an enduring legend? 

Born Raquel Tejada in Chicago to a Bolivian father and an Anglo-Saxon mother (her first name is Spanish for Rachel, and her surname came from her marriage to high-school sweetheart James Welch), Raquel Welch became to male Baby Boomers what Marilyn Monroe had been to their older brothers of the Silent Generation - a bombshell goddess, thanks largely in part to her 1966 movie One Million Years B.C., where she played a cavewoman in a deerskin bikini.

Some of her later movies were even more daring, such as the ribald Peter Sellers movie The Magic Christian (also featuring Ringo Starr)  and Myra Breckenridge, a movie based on a Gore Vidal novel about a girl who used to be a guy (our heroine in the title role)   

She could spoof sex appeal as well as sell it, as she did in a "Mork & Mindy" episode as a nefarious alien bounty hunter out for Mork's head.  But as the years went by, Ms. Welch concentrated on more serious work, such as "An American Family," an original PBS series about a Hispanic family in Los Angeles. 

Like, how about that?  Raquel Welch in an original series on a highbrow network whose first-run scripted shows are almost always British imports!  :-D 

Ms. Welch (above, in April 2010), has been married four times and is the mother of actress Tahnee Welch, who's best known for her role in the Ron Howard film Cocoon.  Raquel Welch, who turned 76 earlier this month and is still active, has a successful wig business,. and she also markets jewelry and skincare products. 

Don't tell Raquel Welch what she can and can't do. :-)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Model Patricia Stevens

Patricia Stevens is a model from the 1980s.

She was represented by the Wilhelmina agency in New York, and she was active mostly in the middle of the decade.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Model Linda Spierings

Linda Spierings is another top model from the 1980s.

A Dutchwoman, she's best known as the muse of Tunisian-born couturier and shoe designer Azzedine Alaia.

She's also been a spokesmodel for Revlon and Chanel's Allure perfume.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Model/actress Laura Sanchez

Laura Sanchez is a model from Spain who has appeared in numerous fashion shows and ads. Daneva, Emporio Armani, Escada, Lexus, Rolex and Emanuel Ungaro are among the many brand names she's modeled for.

To list all of her magazine covers in Spain would take too much space, but she has also appeared on the cover of Marie Claire in Germany (where she was born, believe it or not) and cover of Madame Figaro in France.

She's also branched out as an actress, having appeared on the Spanish TV series 'Los Hombres de Paco," about Madrid police officers. Ms. Sanchez played a lesbian policewoman married to a woman who's a forensic scientist.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

TV newswoman Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller is another distinguished reporter at CBS News.

Though from Los Angeles, Ms. Miller made a name for herself in New Orleans, where she was a reporter for CBS affiliate during the nineties after having worked in print journalism (the Los Angeles Times) and as a morning anchor at WIS-TV in Columbia, South Carolina.She was a national correspondent and substitute anchor for Black Entertainment Television's nightly newscast when she moved to New York City.

Ms. Miller joined CBS News in 2004  While there she has earned an  Emmy award for a series about high school dropouts trying to get back on their feet. Awards are nothing new to her; she is also the recipient of the 1997 National Association of Black Journalists Award of Excellence in 1997.

I've only scratched the surface of her accomplishments here, as there are too many to list. Michelle Miller is definitely a TV reporter whose best work is yet to come.

Fun fact: Her husband is Marc Morial, the leader of the National Urban League and a former mayor of New Orleans.

Another fun fact: she had a cameo appearance - as a reporter, of course - in the 2003 legal drama film Runaway Jury, which was based on the John Grisham novel of the same name.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Model Kikan Massara

Kikan Massara is a Swedish model who's originally from Lapland, Sweden's northernmost province.

In the late seventies and early eighties, she modeled for different agencies in London (Bolton's and Laraine Ashton), Brussels, Paris and New York.  So she really got around. :-)

Today, Kikan Massara is a psychotherapist and counselor, and she's divided her time between London, New York and Pairs.

"My vision is to enable more people to manage their emotional and mental well-being," she says of her current career. :-)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Movie director Darnell Martin

Yes, she's beautiful enough to be in front of a movie camera, but Darnell Martin has made her mark behind movie cameras. 

The daughter of a black father and an Irish mother, Ms. Martin got her start as a director with Suspect, which looked how young blacks are always looked at as criminals She went on to make I Like It Like That, a 1994 romantic comedy-drama about a woman trying to juggle love and family, and 2008's Cadillac Records, about the Chess record company in Chicago.

Ms.Martin has also worked in television, directing episodes of TV shows like "Law & Order" and "Grey's Anatomy."

Monday, September 12, 2016

Fashion model Ludmila Isaeva Malahova

Ludmila Isaeva Malahova is a model from Russia who broke through in the late eighties and early nineties, just as the Soviet Union was breaking up.

She did ads for Bergdorf Goodman, Christian Dior, Escada, and Guerlain, among others, and she appeared on the covers of the French and Spanish editions of Vogue, as well as the British edition of Marie Claire.  

Glasnost was never more glamorous. :-)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

TV newswoman Vanessa Freeman

Vanessa Freeman is the latest addition to News 12 New Jersey, a cable news channel covering guess-which-state.  She joined the channel after having worked at sister News 12 stations in the Bronx and Brooklyn.

She also worked as an anchorwoman at WDTN-TV in Dayton, Ohio, and she was a White House field producer for MSNBC during the 2008 presidential election.  At News 12 New Jersey, Ms. Freeman is both an anchor and a reporter.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

British musical actress Lizzi Franklin

Lizzi Franklin is an actress and dancer in British musical theater.

She's appeared in productions such as the musical version of Dirty Dancing, and as a choreographer, she's choreographed Bring It On, the cheerleading musical based on the movie of the same name.   

In her spare time. she's also a makeup artist, though it's clear that she doesn't need any makeup. ;-) :-)

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Actress Mirielle Enos

 Mirielle Enos is another popular actress on American television.

Her best known role is as detective Sarah Linden in "The Killing," a homicide drama based on a Danish TV Show, in which she distinguished herself greatly.  Tim Goodman of the Hollywood Reporter was particularly impressed.  "It's not until you watch Enos play Sarah for a while that it sinks in," he wrote.  "There hasn't been a female American character like her probably ever."

In her latest TV show, ABC's "The Catch," she plays private detective Alice Vaughan, a woman who's been defrauded by her own fiancé and sets out to catch him while still pursuing other cases.

Ms. Enos doesn't have to worry about being typecast, though.  She's also played different roles in movies like the zombie thriller flick World War Z.

Fun fact: Ms. Enos played two roles on the Mormon polygamy series "Big Love," the twins Kathy and JoDean Marquart. Ironically, she herself was raised in the Mormon church.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Model/actress Clarissa Burt

The description of Clarissa Burt shown in the title field above is incomplete.  Yes, she has been a model and an actress, but she has in fact been so much more.

Clarissa Burt became a model with the Wilhelmina modeling agency at the age of eighteen.  The Philadelphia-born Ms. Burt soon relocated to Milan and went on to do numerous fashion shows both there and in cities such as New York and Paris. She also accumulated an impressive number of fashion magazines whose covers she graced, such as Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue, as well as many cosmetics ads.

As an actress, she has appeared in various Italian films such as Caruso Pascoski di Padre Polacco and Casablanca, Casablanca, as well as the sequel to The Neverending Story.

But she has several other credits to her name that involve neither modeling nor acting.  She's been a beauty editor for publications as The LA Fashion Magazine and, Runway, and her articles have appeared in the Huffington Post.  She's also done beauty segments for Italian television, and she is a public speaker who is involved with women's activism for social change.

All that, and more.  For more information about this lovely and versatile woman, go to her Web site here.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Twelve To Go . . .

Now that my look back at female Olympic athletes I had featured before is done, as we go into September, I am twelve new subjects away - a mere dozen - from having featured one thousand different women on this blog.  So that's it - twelve more women, and that's it for this blog's first decade.

And can you guess who the one thousandth woman will be?  Well, I've chosen her, but I'm not telling you at this moment.  Feel free to guess by leaving a comment  on this post, but I'm not revealing who it is until September 24, when the revelatory post appears.  You'll just have to wait.

But I'm sure you'll like the other eleven women I've chosen for the coming month.

Back soon.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect, Olympics Edition: Wrap-Up

I'm done with my look back at female Olympic athletes I've previously featured, but, as I indicated at the start of the month,  two of the women I looked back on this past month were to compete at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro - Jessica Ennis-Hill (as she's now known) and Allyson Felix - and I featured them this time around before I could have known how they'd fare at the Rio Games.

So how did they do?  Well, not too badly. Britain's Jessica Ennis-Hill, the defending Olympic heptathlon champion from 2012, won the silver medal in that event this time, losing the gold medal to Nafissatou Thiam of Belgium.  Meanwhile, American track star Allyson Felix won the silver medal in the women's 400-meter race but took gold as part of two relay teams - the women's 4x100-meter team and the women's 4x400-meter team, to be precise.

Oh yeah, Allyson Felix is now the most decorated American woman in Olympic track and field. :-) 

And with that,  I declare this look back at female Olympians from earlier blog posts to be . . . closed.

But don't think you've seen the last of Janet Evans here. ;-)  

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect, Olympics Edition: Gwen Torrence

Gwen Torrence is proud of her achievements on the track at the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games, which I documented on this blog when I first featured her here back in March 2007. 

Fifty-one years of age as of this writing, Ms. Torrence has put athletics behind her, concentrating on her other talent - hair styling.  She opened her own hair salon, Bangz & Tanglez Hair Salon, in Lithonia, Georgia, just outside her native Atlanta. She says she enjoys the creativity of hair styling. :-) 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect, Olympics Edition: Sanya Richards-Ross

Once again, I feature one of the most victorious track stars in recent memory, Sanya Richards-Ross.

Ms. Richards-Ross, whom I last featured here in September 2012, was on a roll after the London Olympics, placing first with her teammates in the 4x400-meter relay races at the 2014 and 2015 World Relay Championships, both in Nassau, as well as first in the distance medley relay in the latter meet.  She also won silver in the 2015 World Championships Beijing in the 4x400-meter relay.

Unfortunately, an injury ended her career at the 2016 U.S. Olympic track and field trials.  Almost immediately, she joined NBC as a commentator for the remainder of the trials and for the 2016 Olympics as well.  I hope this is the start of a new career for her.