Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Juli Foster Week, Part Three

I mentioned that my original post devoted to Juli Foster, from May 2011, featured a photo from the U.S. Vogue editorial "The Look of the Year -- New York, Paris, Milan" from it January 1978 issue.  Here is another photo from that same editorial.

The look of 1978, apparently, involved loose jackets and rolled-up sleeves on one arm.  But Juli Foster can make any look seem cool. :-)

Albert Watson was the photographer, and fashion hairdresser Harry King - full disclosure, he's a friend of mine on Facebook, and I have met him in person - did the hair. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Juli Foster Week, Part Two

Here's Juli Foster again, looking very intense in this picture from an editorial from the January 1978 issue of the American issue of Vogue.

The editorial was for the "Florida look," emphasizing clean colors and lots of suede.  For fashion-minded women freezing in the Northeastern January, it was a soft sell. 

Juli Foster is the only model in this editorial, which was photographed by Stan Malinowski.  I featured a photo from a different editorial, "The Look of the Year -- New York, Paris, Milan," in this same issue of Vogue in my original post for Ms. Foster (second one from top) back in May 2011.   

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Juli Foster Week, Part One

Juli Foster, like most models of the profession's golden age, was active in the 1970s and 1980s.

The ensemble she sports in the photo below is clearly from the former decade. ;-) 

Just look at the size of that collar! :-D

I believe this photo is from a catalog. No clue on the exact year, but the photographer is Ian Miles.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Pat Cleveland Week, Part Five

Here's Pat Cleveland in more recent times - specifically, July 2012, attending a New York screening of the fashion-model documentary About Face, in which she was interviewed.  She poses just as beautifully for candid shots as she does for fashion assignments. 

It was at the May 2012 screening of the same documentary at the film festival in Montclair, New Jersey, by the way, where I met her . . . and had my picture taken with her.  Her husband took our picture together.

Her husband, by the way, is Dutch-born photographer Paul Van Ravenstein, whose sister Apollonia Van Ravenstein is also a famous model.  Paul Van Ravenstein and Pat Cleveland also have a daughter, Anna, who's a rapidly raising star in the modeling world herself.  Quite an interesting family, indeed. :-)   

While I've never featured Pat Cleveland's sister-in-law or daughter on this blog, I certainly intend to feature both down the road.  In the meantime, though, it's on to my next week-long retrospective, a look back at . . . Juli Foster. :-)  

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Pat Cleveland Week, Part Four

You still don't think Pat Cleveland is a model like no other? Well, take a look at this!

With a mane of long flowing hair to match her long flowing physique, it's obvious that Ms. Cleveland can strike a unique pose with even minimal enthusiasm.  But, the thing is, Pat Cleveland never, ever does anything unenthusiastically. ;-)  

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Pat Cleveland Week, Part Three

Now this is a plunging neckline.

And Pat Cleveland has the ability to make it look tastefully stunning while also displaying her infectious vivaciousness. That smile! :-D

If there's any woman who can pull off a look like this, I haven't seen her . . . and I haven't met her.  But, remember, I have met Pat Cleveland. ;-)  

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Pat Cleveland Week, Part Two

For a woman of such imposing physical statue and magnetic presence - ask someone who's met her! - Pat Cleveland has an incredible ability to project a softer look.

This 1977 photo of Ms. Cleveland is a fine example of her more demure side.

But she still manages to project the unique, mesmerizing persona that made her a legend. :-)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Pat Cleveland Week, Part One

I've often said that to merely call Pat Cleveland a fashion model and leaving it at that is like calling the Vatican a neighborhood church in Rome.  

And here's the proof - in one stunning photo.

And if you need any more proof,  there are plenty more photos of Ms. Cleveland to come this week!

Another model would merely look spectacularly stunning - or stunningly spectacular - in a pink frilled evening dress like this one.  To describe Pat Cleveland in such terms would be making a huge understatement.

The dress designer?  You know, I sort of forgot that detail! :-D       

Monday, February 1, 2016

February 2016: Model Retrospectives

Back in March 2015,  I devoted each week in the month to a different woman, each one a fashion model, with five posts for each one.  I had so much fun doing that, I thought I'd do it again this month.  How about that? :-)

The reason I'm doing this is because I thought I'd give myself a breather and a little extra time to come up with more subjects as I approach the one thousand mark in September - just in time for this blog's tenth anniversary.  As this is the month in this quadrennial leap year that includes an extra day, I plan to cap off the month on February 29 with a single picture of four high-profile fashion models that I have featured on this blog before individually. . . and together. ;-)

Who will those four models be?  Well, you'll have to wait until the end of the month to find out.  But I am going to identify the four models I'm devoting a week to this month.  I start, in alphabetical order as I always do, with Pat Cleveland, who defies classification because she is in a class by herself.  I follow her with Juli Foster, who's known for her ethereal beauty but not for her ethereal smile.

Third comes Swedish model Maria Hanson . . . though not as herself but as a famous character in advertising.  Can you guess whom I'm talking about? ;-)

I then conclude the month with a whole week devoted to Catherine Roberts, whom I actually devoted a week to when I first featured her here in December 2009.  She's about to become only the second model I've twice devoted a week to, after Karen Graham.  Oh yeah, one other thing - Ms. Roberts has  a walk-on-part in the Coen Brothers movie Hail Caesar!, opening on February 5.  Don't miss it! :-D

Full disclosure requires me to state that I know three of these women through Facebook, and I have also personally met Catherine Roberts and consider her a good friend, just as I consider the other two to be good friends.  The exception is Pat Cleveland; while I have met her, as I noted earlier on this blog, I can't really say I know her.

I start this series of retrospectives tomorrow, so please check back then! :-)

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Latest Numbers

I have now posted pictures of 946 different women.

My one thousandth subject will be revealed in September 2016.  Don't ask me who this woman is because I don't know either. :-) 

Incidentally, my top-ten list hasn't changed since last time, so I won't post it again here.    

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Maria La Rosa of The Weather Channel

Maria La Rosa of The Weather Channel has remained active at that cable weather station since I first featured her on this blog in September 2013.

She was a co-host of The Weather Channel's morning show "AM HQ," which debuted in March 2014.  Currently, she appears on the weekend broadcasts with Paul Goodloe.
Back soon, with the latest numbers, followed by a whole month of model retrospectives for February.

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Llarisa Abreu of AccuWeather

Just a couple of retrospectives, both of on-camera meteorologists, to close out the month (appropriate, given the recent massive snowfall in the East) . . .

In January 2015, I featured a screen shot of Llarisa Abreu, one of the lovely ladies on AccuWeather's Web-based video forecasts.  Here is her formal AccuWeather portrait.

Bilingual in English and Spanish, Ms. Abreu can now be seen on AccuWeather's new cable/digital channel. 

Her big interest is in hurricanes, and she knows all too well the importance of advance hurricane warnings She also likes to travel, and hopes to travel at least five major cities on each of the populated continents

She is a graduate of Barry University in Miami, with a degree in broadcast journalism.  

Friday, January 22, 2016

International reporter Clarissa Ward

Don't call Clarissa Ward just another pretty face on the news.

She's been to more war zones than most Americans have been to foreign tourist destinations, and some of those war zones used to be tourist destinations themselves.

Ms. Ward, a Yale graduate, reported for CBS News from numerous war zones in the Middle East, including Afghanistan and Iraq, and she did some dangerous assignments for Syria as well, winning Peabody, Murrow, and DuPont awards for her reporting from that country's civil war.

Don't tune in to CBS to catch her reporting, though. Ms. Ward, who was also a Beijing correspondent for ABC News and a Moscow correspondent for Fox News, moved to CNN in September 2015 after a mere four years with CBS.  She was a rising star at the Columbia Broadcasting System's heralded news department, and her loss to CNN is certainly a black eye for the Big Eye.

You blew it, CBS.  You really, really blew it.  

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Icelandic model Brynja Sverrisdottir

Brynja Sverrisdottir, an Icelander whose surname literally means "daughter of Sverris" (it's an Icelandic tradition for fathers to give their first names to their children as last names; if she has a brother, his surname would be Sverrisson), is a top model from the 1980s and 1990s, and she was a muse for the designer Valentino.  One of her Valentino photos is shown below.

She also took the time to model for Escada . . .

. . . and Yves Saint Laurent.

These days, Brynja Sverrisdottir - sometimes known as Brynja Sverris - has her own jewelry business, "Embracing Faith." She designs rings bearing twenty different religious signs that represent the world's different belief systems, "bound together with a peace sign and a precious pin."  She also designs necklaces with animal pendants in a series she calls "Embracing Nature."  Learn more about  Brynja Sverrisdottir's jewelry work by going to either her Web site or her Facebook page.

She lives in England and is married to photographer Brian Griffin. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

TV newswoman Wendy Rieger

Wendy Rieger began her journalism career at WRC-TV, the NBC affiliate in Washington, D.C., in 1988 as a reporter after a career as a reporter for radio.

Since then, she's moved up in the ranks.  She's anchored the 5:00 news on WRC-TV since 2001.  As a constant television presence there, Wendy Rieger has become one of the most recognizable broadcast journalists in the D.C. area.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Actress Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon is a huge beneficiary of the Netflix revolution.

She plays Alex Vause, an inmate in the video-rental series "Orange Is the New Black." Alex is a drug runner and a co-inmate of Piper Chapman, the protagonist of the women's-prison drama. Alex's relationship with Piper is, umm, complicated. 

Laura Prepon has done several one-shot roles on regular TV, and her movie credits include Southlander and Slackers.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Model Funmi Okusi

Funmi Okusi is a very-high-profile fashion model from Nigeria.

With her piercing eyes and her perfectly shaped lips, it's no wonder she's taken the fashion world by storm. :-)

A legend in the making, this. :-D

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Model and photographer Astrid Muñoz

Astrid Muñoz is a model who's originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

She stumbled upon her modeling career in what sounds like a plot twist in a Hollywood movie.  While visiting a friend in Miami in 1993, a modeling agent discovered her and encouraged the then-19-year-old Astrid to her to try her luck in Paris.  She did just that, leaving for France without consulting her parents.

After working successfully in Paris for so long, Ms. Muñoz moved to New York, and her career credits piled up like snow in a Manhattan blizzard; she appeared on the covers of notable fashion magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and Harper's Bazaar, among others and commercial assignments for Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana,  L'Oréal, Saks Fifth Avenue, Valentino . . . and so on and so on.  As with other models having been featured on this blog, space does permit all of her credits to be listed here.

Although Ms. Muñoz has continued her modeling work, she's made a name for herself behind the camera as much as in front of it. She began studying photojournalism at New York's International Center of Photography and went on to photograph the people and culture in Latin America, including Argentine gaucho cowboys and the indigenous peoples of Mexico and Peru. She's also photographed landscapes, portraits, and . . . herself. :-)

 For her self portraits - and her other work - just go here. :-)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Natalie Cole: 1950-2015

It is with great regret that I acknowledge the passing of singer Natalie Cole, whom I featured on this blog in July 2007.  Ms. Cole, the daughter of jazz pianist and singer Nat "King" Cole, became a big pop star in her own right in the seventies, with her hits "This Will Be" and "I've Got Love On My Mind."  She also covered Bruce Springsteen (she had a hit with "Pink Cadillac," which Springsteen had actually released originally as a B-side), as well as the songs of her famous father back in the early nineties on her Unforgettable album - which featured her singing the title song with her father through the magic of tape editing.  Now it looks like they'll be sharing the same stage again. :-(

My post of Natalie Cole from July 2007 will remain on this blog, as she was still alive when I posted it, but since I do not post pictures of women whom I know are deceased, I will not be posting any more pictures of Ms. Cole going forward.  R.I.P. :-(     

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Model Barbara Langlois

Barabra Langlois was and is a big name in modeling, even if she's not a household name among anyone outside the profession.

She has modeled for several clients, such as Anthony Martin sunglasses, as seen below in an ad from the 1970s.

And here's a recent picture of Barbara Langlois with her glasses off (and in her hand - showing off her beautiful eyes!).

She is currently associated with Ramona's Model and Talent, based in Rutherford, New Jersey. 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve Greetings

I normally don't find myself in the middle of an A-Z round of new subjects going from one year into another, but I'm currently positioning my post schedule so that I will have featured one thousand different women here by this coming September 25, this blog's tenth anniversary.  So 2016 is going to be a big year here. :-D Expect, in addition to more new subjects, more special retrospective posts, and, a list of all of the women I've featured on this blog since its fifth anniversary in September 2011, when I put up my list of the first five hundred women to be featured here.  I've been compiling the list as time has gone by, not waiting to do it all at once like last time, so it should be much easier to post when the time comes! :-D  I hope to come up with a special Leap Day post for February 29, like I always do, and of course in December I'll have my biennial "Beauty of Dance" series, celebrating more lovely women in ballet and modern dance. :-)

In the meantime, since this is supposed to be a pictorial blog (in other words, enough of my yakking), here's a special New Year's Eve pictorial post.  Earlier this year, I showed a closeup of German model Margrit Ramme from a 1977 print ad.  Here is the full ad.

As previously noted, it's an ad for ladies' undergarments.  Yes, you can expect Maidenform ads from Maria Hanson's portfolio in 2016, though you don't know when exactly when they'll turn up. ;-)

Happy new year.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Greek model/politician Elena Kountoura

Elena Kountoura is a former model who made the transition to politics in her native Greece.

She modeled from 1984 to 1997, becoming the face of the Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido and working regularly with French photographer and designer Serge Lutens.

After a stint as a director for a Greek women's magazine, Ms. Kountoura got elected to the Greek Parliament in 2004, and served in that legislature on and off for about a decade.  A woman who leans to the left, she currently serves as the  Deputy Minister of Tourism under Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

Given the precarious state of Greek finances and the need for more tourism to help prop up Greece's economy, she has her work cut out for her.    

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Model Jeanette Hallen

Jeanette Hallen is a model from the eighties and early nineties.

In her heyday, she appeared in ads for Neutrogena (form which the photo above is taken) and for Clairesse hair care products, as well as the covers of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Redbook, among others. 

She's also done fashion and beauty editorials, from which the photo above is taken. 

Biographical data on her is scant. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

New Link Announcement: Catherine Roberts YouTube Channel!

Earlier this year, I announced a link to the Web site of model Catherine Roberts, who has had a distinguished career in her profession but for too long had not been a household name due to an emphasis on commercial modeling, rather than the editorial work that gets models credits and helps make them household names.  As today is Christmas, and with 2015 drawing to a close, I am presenting as a holiday gift a link to to another page Ms. Roberts has set up to promote herself . . . her very own YouTube channel!

By now, you've seen on her site all of the classic print ads she's done for Charles of the Ritz, Helena Rubenstein, and other clients.  You may have even remembered some of them, only finding out now who that beautiful woman is. :-)  Well, Ms. Roberts has also put together a YouTube channel to promote her television advertising work.  Some of you may remember these commercials, too, while though some of you may be seeing them for the first time; Ms. Roberts has already included at least one of them on her main site already.  They all show another facet of her work as a model and show just how versatile and demanding the modeling profession is.  A lot of work and effort go into making a 30-second spot, and it takes a good deal of dedication and devotion to make it work.  That's why Catherine Roberts remains an active participant in the modeling profession. :-) The link, like all links to modeling and photography sites on this blog, is just below the members list and the blog archive field in the upper right hand corner of the screen, six spaces down the list.

As I noted back in January 2015, Ms. Roberts has been a friend of mine since I connected with her as a result of she and other high-profile models discovering my blog.  I had long found it unfortunate that she has rarely been known by her name, which is the reason I've featured her here so often.  That's why I'm as happy to add her YouTube channel to my list of permanent links as I was to post a link to her main Web site at the beginning of this year.  I am always glad, because of the joyous association I've had with her, to help get more people her YouTube channel and see her TV work.  She epitomizes what is best about the modeling profession.

I'm sure you'd agree. :-)

Merry Christmas. :-D :-)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mexican actress Edith González

You've probably never heard of Edith González, unless you watch Telemundo serials or live in a town in the Southwest that gets Mexican TV.

And if you happen to be Mexican, then you have heard of her. :-)

She has been in more telenovela serials in Mexico that you can count.  She made her debut at the age of five in the the 1970 serial Cosa juzgada, and she's been doing them ever since.  Among her other  serials are 1986's Monte calvario, 1990's En carne propia, and  2009-2010 Camaleones, which ran in 2009 and 2010 and yielded an impressive 135 episodes in that short time.

Among her movies are 1988's Pero sigo siendo el rey, 1990's Fabricantes de pánico, and 1996's Salón México La Jaibitaanción.   Her earliest cinematic role, however, was not a Mexican one but an English one; in 1974 she played the Fanny, the sister of Ebenezer Scrooge, as a child in a Spanish-language adaptation of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

TV newswoman Lesli Foster

If you watch local TV news in the Washington, D.C .metropolitan area, you know all about Lesli Foster.

She's the weeknight anchor for the weekday evening news broadcasts of WUSA-TV, Washington's CBS affiliate.  She also heads the station's Consumer Unit, through which she covers consumer news and issues.

Ms. Foster got her start in broadcast journalism in her native Michigan, as a weekend anchor and reporter for WEYI-TV in Flint.  She was a TV reporter for WBAL-TV in Baltimore before joining WUSA-TV.  Both of her former employers are NBC affiliates.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Model CariDee English

CariDee English is the Carrie Underwood of modeling.

Like Carrie Underwood, Ms. English came to prominence through a talent show.  She placed first in the the seventh cycle of the TV talent show "America's Next Top Model" in 2006.   As a result she got a $100,000 contract with the CoverGirl cosmetics brand, a modeling contract with Elite agency, and a six-page fashion editorial and cover for Seventeen (though she was 22). She's gone on to model in several fashion shows and appear in several magazines since.  She's also known for her ads for Stelara, a drug for curing psoriasis. 

I'm always happy to put a little English on this blog. ;-) :-)  

Friday, December 11, 2015

Model Donna Denton

Donna Denton is a fashion model from the 1980s.

She was primarily active in the middle of the decade, represented by the Wilhelmina agency in New York.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

British actress Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke has a distinguished role in a popular TV series.


She plays Daenerys Targaryen in "Game of Thrones," the television series based on George R.R. Martin's book series of the same name, about fantasy medieval kingdoms.  Daenerys is a heroine of the stories, going from a meek girl to a strong woman who helps save people from bondage by leading an army to liberate their cities, in the style of Joan of Arc.

The British actress is also moving toward motion pcitres.  As of this writing, she has made two movies, Voice from the Stone and Me Before You, that are in post-production.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

TV newswoman Kristina Behr

You might say that Kristina Behr was born into TV news.

The Greater New York-based newswoman was born in to a family involved in television production, and she received her broadcasting education from Boston University, where she earned a journalism degree.  Today, Ms. Behr reports for WPIX-TV in New York City and also does freelance anchoring for the New Jersey cable news channel News 12 New Jersey.

Fun fact:  As a girl, Ms. Behr would get to go to television studio sets, and she got her hair cut by the same stylists who did hair for soap-opera star Susan Lucci. :-D