Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Beauty of Retrospect: Eva Voorhees

I revisit Eva Voorhees today for several reasons, mainly because she has always been one of the most alluring high-profile models in the fashion and beauty trade, having amassed several magazine covers and numerous ads and editorials.  The photos below are all from fashion magazine editorials.

In addition to being known for her soft, delicate features, Eva Voorhees was - and is - known for her sweet, warm disposition.  Never a diva, she always projected (and still projects) the image of a girl or woman who could be your next door neighbor.    

And it's not an act. She's as sweet and friendly as she appears.  Ask the man whose beautiful women picture blog she found.  :-)

The rainbow motif in the backdrop of the picture above is like her aura! :-)  

Eva Voorhees remains active archiving modeling photos (not just her own), as well as rescuing stray dogs in southern California, which she calls home. :-) 

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