Friday, June 28, 2013

The Beauty of Retrospect: Louise Vyent

More pictures of Dutch model Louise Vyent? Look, if I find the pictures, I'm gonna post 'em! :-D

The above photo is a picture taken from the session that produced the cover photo of Glamour magazine's September 1989 issue, one of  many of Louise Vyent's magazine cover appearances.  The magazine's editors said they were inspired by how she wore her hair when not on an assignment and had her photographed that way, hence this is "the Louise Vyent you'd see off-camera."

As someone who actually did see Montclair, New Jersey's most beautiful resident off-camera and in person (I met her but I do not know her), I can say that that's an accurate statement.  She actually prefers a simple look when she's doing something other than modeling.

Of course, her more glamorous look, as evidenced in the picture below from a Vitabath shower gel ad (also from 1989), isn't too bad either.

 And who can forget this look?

This photo, of course, is from her most iconic cover shot ever - U.S. Vogue, February 1987, but without the superimposed cover text and in sepia form.  This is easily one of the most gorgeous poses ever to grace a magazine cover.  

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