Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Beauty of Retrospect: Catherine Roberts

I'm always pleased to post a picture of Catherine Roberts on this blog, whenever I can find one. Today I have four of them. :-)

Ms. Roberts did more than a few ads that only showed part of her face, which does not make a ton of sense when you consider how obviously stunning her entire face is. But the picture above, from an Aziza ad, and the intimately staged picture below, taken from an ad to promote the sale of gold jewelry, are proof that some ad men have given that fact very careful consideration indeed. :-)

The photo above is particularly exquisite, given the artful use of her image in a mirror.

And the photo below, from a 1978 ad for beauty cream, is also rather stunning.  Regal, in fact! :-) 

Of course, if you prefer Ms. Roberts's face framed by her long, dark hair, there's also the picture below, from a Charles of the Ritz ad. :-)    

This black-and-white photo is specifically from an ad for Ritz perfume, which featured this alliteratively  descriptive caption: "You're beautiful and believable.  You're restless and romantic.  You're Ritz."

And there aren't too many models who can emulate that like Catherine Roberts. 

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