Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Beauty of Anonymity: Unidentified Princess Marcella Borghese Model

It takes a model of considerable beauty and presence to make a skin care ad sexy, and this model, in an ad for Princess Marcella Borghese skin care products, certainly pulls that off with her seductive look. It's too bad I can't identify her by name.

This picture is taken from an ad for Borghese products at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, so it's not a regular Borghese ad; it's actually more of an ad for Saks. It appeared at the same time Sara Kapp was Borghese's own in-house model. So while I can't say who this is, I'm certain that I can say it's not Sara Kapp.

As with the unidentified Erno Laszlo model I depicted here back in September 2010, I would love to find out who this model is. So if anyone knows her name, please leave a comment on this post. Any help is greatly appreciated. :-)

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