Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CNN anchorwoman Frederika Whitfield

A lot of people can't think of one reason to watch CNN thee days. I can not only offer a reason to watch CNN, but it's also a reason to watch it on weekends. Her name is Frederika Whitfield.


A former NBC correspondent who was based in that network's Atlanta bureau, Frederika Whitfield now anchors the weekend edition of "CNN Newsroom." She got her start in broadcast journalism as a reporter and anchor for WPLG-TV in Miami and general assignment reporter at KTVT-TV in Dallas, among other stations.

Fun fact: She's the daughter of Olympic track star Mal Whitfield, who won two gold medals at the 1948 London Games and a third at Helsinki in 1952. Frederika Whitfield, appropriately enough, covered the 1996 Olympics in her adopted hometown of Atlanta for NBC.


Anonymous said...

I do not care how good looking she is -- there is no excuse for her comment "it sucks" during the 9/17/11 Saturday news room on 9/17/11. Middle of the day when families have the show on. Those words should not come out of the mouth of any professional, or otherwise. Awful.

Steve said...

That's news to me. I didn't have CNN on today (9/17/11).

Anonymous said...

I believe she brings a refreshing and stunning appeal to the often boring cable news channels. Furthermore, you can't deny her beauty. St. Louis, Mo