Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Model Jane Hitchcock

A nice Southern girl with the classy demeanor of a belle at a cotillion, Jane Hitchcock moved from her home state of Alabama to New York City to pursue ballet studies with the New York City Ballet, having been chosen for a scholarship to train there.

But it, um, didn't quite work out like that, which is why you haven't seen her in my "Beauty of Dance" posts.    

Ms. Hitchcock, like any ballet dancer, was a stunner. She attracted attention from photographers who thought she should be a model.  The late Wilhelmina Cooper, the former model who started her own agency, certainly thought so when she saw young Jane, and when Ms. Cooper's eponymous modeling agency got up and running, Jane Hitchcock was the fifth model to sign with her.   

Of course, Jane Hitchcock, with the grace she acquired from all that ballet dancing back in the Heart of Dixie, was a natural model, and she quickly began appearing in magazines Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, and Vogue.  She also appeared in several ads, such as one for Collingswood jewelry, from which the above photo is taken . . . 

. . . and many ads for Napier costume jewelry.   The photo directly above is from one of them.

Jane Hitchcock continued into the eighties, and also models well into the twenty-first century.  Look at the picture below carefully . . . this is what enduring beauty looks like!

She's a model for all time, and for all seasons. :-) 

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