Monday, January 16, 2017

The Beauty of Retrospect: Iman Week, Part One

Would you believe that the first and only time I featured Iman on this blog before now was in October 2006?

My only comment on that post "The one and only.  Enough said."  Well, no, there's actually more to say about Iman.  Plenty, in fact.

For starters, how did a woman from Somalia, a country far off - very far off - the beaten path become one of the biggest fashion models in the world?

As always, it was a matter of luck.  She was going to college in Kenya, where she was discovered by American fashion photographer Peter Beard in 1975.  She got a plum assignment a year later, doing an editorial for Vogue.  Pretty soon she ended up doing covers for some of the biggest fashion magazines in the West. 

It's not hard to figure out why Iman became a big star in modeling once she was discovered. With her long neck, slender figure, and tall stature, she was too irresistible for designers and photographers. :-)

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