Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Beauty of Retrospect: Dawn Gallagher Week, Part Five

And here's one more photo of Dawn Gallagher, in a still from a recent video on her YouTube Channel. :-)

As noted earlier, Dawn Gallagher is originally from Buffalo, which, for those keeping score, is also Beverly Johnson's hometown.  Ms. Gallagher was discovered at an early age and started with the Elite agency in New York. Soon she was being represented by that agency's Los Angeles and Paris offices, as well as the Paris agency L'Agence.   

How did she get discovered?  A fashion photographer scouting for new faces saw her and gave her his card, which she put away in her desk drawer at home, not thinking much of his urging to become a model . . . until she saw his name in a photography credit in a posh fashion magazine.  So, our heroine called the number . . . and the rest is history.

Full disclosure requires me to state that Dawn Gallagher is one of my friends in the modeling profession.  To think, if she had never seen that scouting photographer's name in a photo credit in a fashion magazine, and hadn't called the number on his business card, she would never have become a top model in New York or Paris . . . and she would have missed the pleasure of meeting me. :-)

On to a model I haven't revisited for the longest time . . . Iman. :-D  

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