Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 2015: Retrospectives

I'm gotten ahead of myself in posting pictures of new subjects on this blog, so I've decided to devote the month of March 2015 to pictures of women I have featured here before.

This time, however, I am doing it with a twist. Rather than post pictures of numerous women over the month, I have decided to devote each of the four whole weeks of this month to one woman, with five posts for each of them.  (I'll cap the month with a post of the latest statistics for pageviews of my blog and the top ten posts on March 31.)  I got the idea from having devoted a whole week on this blog, and then another, to a single woman before.  Both of those retrospectives, by the way, were for Estée Lauder spokesmodel Karen Graham. :-)

All of the women I've chosen for this month are also models, and they're perennial favorites of mine. I chose two of them based on the fact that I have a surplus of pictures on hand, while I chose the other two simply to give them more exposure on this blog then I have recently. 

So why don't  I go ahead and tell you who they are, to spare you the suspense? :-D  I start, in alphabetical order, with Alda Balestra, the Italian fashion and cosmetics model who has some of the most iconic images in fashion and beauty advertising in her portfolio.  I follow with Nancy Donahue, who personified all-American sophistication in the 1980s through her various ads and fashion editorials.  Third comes Sheila Johnson, the groundbreaking black model known for her alluring appearance.  I then conclude the month with another look at the incomparable German beauty Margrit Ramme, the first model to draw my attention, thanks to her platinum-blonde looks and her ability to charm many a photographer.

Full disclosure requires me to state that I know all of them through Facebook, and I have also personally met Nancy Donahue and consider her a good friend, as I consider the other three to be good friends.  I have long since abandoned my old rule against posting pictures of women I know personally, now that I have been able to connect with so many high-profile models as an ironic result of their very discovery of this blog, because there's no way  I can . . . not feature these women, among the loveliest women in the modeling trade.

I start this series of retrospectives tomorrow . . . check back then! :-)

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