Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nina Davulari, Miss America 2014

This post is a protest against bigotry. Actually, all of my posts honoring women of races other than my own are protests against bigotry, but this post is especially called for.

Here she is, Miss America 2014 - Nina Davulari of New York.  When she was crowned Miss America in September 2013, Miss Davulari was the victim of a barrage of racist and xenophobic reactions, with many people upset that a foreign-born Arabic Muslim could receive such an honor, especially so soon after the 9/11 anniversary.

In fact, Miss Davulari is a native-born American of Indian descent and a Hindu.  Though, to be honest, the latter two facts would also cause bigoted Americans to discredit her and to disqualify her from winning the Miss America pageant.

I don't normally care about or for beauty contests, but I'm happy to make an exception here and express my solidarity with and admiration for Miss Davulari.  The beautiful medical student took all those nasty comments calmly and coolly, like the civilized human being she so obviously is.  She's a winner in my book.

And that's why I'm featuring her here. :-)     

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