Monday, November 11, 2013

Discontinued Link Announcement

It figures.  

Earlier this year, I finally got links to the photography sites of fashion model turned photographer Louise Vyent up on this blog after having only included links to them on posts devoted to her.  I have since had to take them down for one simple reason - the sites are no longer available.  When I clicked the link to her main site recently, all I got was the host site for the Web pages of photographers like herself.  Same thing for her auxiliary site,; that's gone too.  Apparently, Ms. Vyent's photographic ventures are undergoing a rethink on her part, though I'd rather not speculate any further on why her sites are gone.

Loyal followers of this blog will remember that I met Ms. Vyent at a farmers' market in Montclair, New Jersey in 2011, where she was recruiting subjects for a planned monograph book of multiracial people.  To the best of my knowledge, it's never materialized.  Because I love her work as a photographer as much as I loved her work as a model, I hope her photography career regains momentum soon, and hopefully her site(s) will be back up.  And if I find any more photos from her career in front of the camera, I will indeed posted them.

Right, another blog entry is coming soon . . ..      

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