Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Latest Numbers and Statistics

I have now posted pictures of 726 different women since starting this blog in September 2006.  And though I didn't think I'd have any changes in the statistics regarding my top ten posts to report today, I in fact have three changes to report.  The most recent chart is below; feel free to click on it to enlarge it.  

The first change is that Weather Channel personality Crystal Egger and television actress Kaley Cuoco have switched places since I last posted a statistical chart in June 2013.  Then, my January 2012 post of Kaley Cuoco was fifth and my October 2010 post of Crystal Egger was sixth; now it's the other way around.  That may be due to the fact that Ms. Cuoco's show "The Big Bang Theory" is on a summer hiatus and the possibility that more television viewers are tuning in to The Weather Channel due to heightened concern about hurricane season.  Or maybe my followers just think Crystal Egger is more attractive.  (In June, Kaley Cuoco was ahead of Crystal Egger by only 28 pageviews; now Ms. Egger is ahead of Ms. Cuoco by 114 pageviews.)

The second change is that in June 2013, my May 2011 post of television reporter Atia Abawi was in eighth place, one spot ahead of my October 2012 post of model/photographer Barbara Minty.  Now, Ms. Minty is eighth, and Ms. Abawi is ninth.  As to why that is, I have no idea, and I hesitate to offer any speculation.

The third change? My September 2009 post devoted to model Sheila Johnson (at number two) has surpassed 10,000 pageviews - only the second post to do so, following my July 2011 post of NBC-TV reporter Kristen Welker . . . although that post remains number one by a margin so wide it's hard to see any other post on this blog overtaking it any time soon.  Note, however, that the same posts that filled out my top ten list in June 2013 are my top ten posts today.  That fact, at least, has not changed.

It's retrospectives - posts of women I've already featured - for the rest of August.  Tomorrow, I'm posting something different - a single post devoted to two different women. :-) 

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