Monday, August 19, 2013

The Beauty of Retrospect: Seductive Eighties Glamour Shots

I've never posted a single entry on this blog with two separate pictures of two different women before.  But I felt it was appropriate in this post, in which I feature two women I've featured here earlier.

Both of these pictures show two high-profile models from the 1980s striking very similarly seductive glamour poses.  Both women succeed here in the art known as "making love to the camera." :-)

The black-and-white photo (from around 1988) is of the lovely Frenchwoman Anne Bezamat, who displays a classy sexiness with a pair of long opera gloves in a transparent patterned fabric, softly touching her cheeks with her hands while evoking a longing, inviting "come-hither" look with her lips gently parted.  What's the French word for "Yowsa?" :-D    

The color photo shows Texas-born Dianne deWitt, the coolest of the cool '80s blonde models, looking just divine with her delicately styled golden hair.  But her beauty is accentuated most by how she positions her left hand against her porcelain cheek.  (Note her finger through her blonde locks.).  She pouts her lips in the same manner as Anne Bezamat, but the effect is very different.  And her glamorous accessories - all that shining jewelry - add a nice touch. A very nice touch. :-)  

Of course, both women have natural features of their own - Anne Bezamat with her straight nose and prominent cheekbones, Dianne deWitt with her creamy complexion and her soft facial contours, both with their wonderfully evocative eyes - that make it easy for them to pull off such poses. :-) 

There's a reason why males who came of age in the Reagan years were obsessed with the fashion models of that period, even if they don't miss the music.

Ah, the Paris, France - Paris, Texas axis . . ..   

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