Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Updates: January 2013

Before I continue - and I plan to do so with yet another post devoted to modeling legend Sheila Johnson - I have to post an update regarding my post from February 2010 that featured her.  In that post, I wrote that Ms. Johnson had "started a business in Alabama with her husband. She markets a product worn under clothing . . . "  I included a link to the company selling said product.

It turns out that the Sheila Johnson who started a company marketing a product to be worn under clothing is not the Sheila Johnson I've been featuring.  Both have the same name, and both were models, but there's no connection between the two women.  My apologies.  The original post has since been revised, and the mention of such a product has been deleted.

Also, I amended my "Criteria, Rules and Standards" page to add the note that the numbers on all statistical sheets shown here that pertain to the number of pageviews individual posts on this blog have received only go back to May 2008, the month that Blogger.com actually started collecting such data, and that this blog in fact was started in September 2006.

Thank you.    

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