Friday, January 4, 2013

The Beauty of Retrospect: Sheila Johnson . . . Again!

I thought I was done showing photos of the extraordinarily, blindingly beautiful Sheila Johnson for awhile . . . until I came across these two pictures!

Both pictures shown here are from the August 30, 1981 edition of Fashions of the Times, the bi-annual fashion supplement of the Sunday New York Times Magazine

As noted in my essay, published on this blog's sister blog, Miscellaneous Musings, the New York Times Magazine fashion supplements were primarily where I discovered the opposite sex.  Sheila Johnson was one of those models I would often see in those supplements, much to my starry-eyed pleasure.

Don't ask me to name the designers of the clothes she's wearing here.  Remember, my interest in fashion models is less about the fashion and more about the models. :-)    

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