Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Latest Numbers

I have up to now posted pictures of 633 different women on this blog. I am well on track to reach a thousand different subjects by this blog's tenth anniversary in 2016.

I also have a new "pageview champ," as seen in the statistics shown below.

My original entry devoted to model Sheila Johnson, which was posted in September 2009, has now received 6,290 views since began collecting all-time statistics in May 2008, making it more popular than any other entry in that time. This entry replaces my post paying tribute to model/actress Joan Severance, from February 2011, as my most popular post since May 2008. I have no explanation for Ms. Johnson's sudden surge in popularity, as she was a recognizable figure in the modeling trade but somewhat anonymous. As I noted, she was usually credited in Avon catalogs as "Our model." But she clearly has a look that my viewers like.

But here's the even bigger surprise.  My entry depicting NBC correspondent Kristen Welker, which I posted in July 2011, is now in second place, with 5,510 views, ahead of my post depicting Joan Severance (now at 5,323 views).  I believe that this interest in Ms. Welker may be due to her ubiquitous reporting on President Obama, especially for  MSNBC.  Also showing surprising strength is my post for actress Meg Ryan from February 2011 (number eight, at 1,413 views).  She may be one of the last classic movie stars Hollywood has produced.   

And to think my April 2009 post of Willow Bay, who hasn't modeled since the 1980s, has pulled ahead of my more recent post (March 2012) for that of "How I Met Your Mother" actress Cobie Smulders, who has been on that show longer than Willow Bay modeled for Estée Lauder.  The 2009 post of Ms. Bay has been viewed over a thousand times, while the entry for Ms. Smulders - my second entry depicting her - has only been viewed less than nine hundred times.  But then, the latter post hasn't been up as long as the former one, and thus the my original post of Ms. Bay has been viewed at a slower rate, so these numbers could flip later on.     

These figures should keep you entertained for awhile.

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