Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hiatus Announcement

This should come as no surprise to anyone who's aware that I live in New Jersey, but I am putting this blog on hiatus effective immediately due to Hurricane Sandy.  I don't expect to have electricity or cable access in my house after tomorrow afternoon, even though the area where I live is expected to take less of the brunt of the storm than other areas - central and southern New Jersey are expected to be hit even worse - but saying it won't be as bad in northern New Jersey as in the rest of the state is like saying Cleopatra is a better movie than Heaven's Gate

The hiatus is indefinite, but I'm counting on resuming this blog on November 7, the day after Election Day.  I'm calculating that my electricity, if it does go out, will have been restored by that date, and the electricity and Internet service at my local library, if they go out, will be restored before then.  But even if I don't lose power (my public utility expects half of its customers to be blacked out), I think I'll wait until after the election anyway.  I had already planned to devote November 2012 to pictures of women that I've featured before; I have several such retrospective posts saved as drafts, ready to go.  Then, I'll concentrate on a fourth round of ballet and modern dancers for December.  (When I started this blog, it hadn't been my intention to feature dancers every other December, but that's how it worked out, so I'll stick to that.)   After that, it's on to a regular A-Z round for the start of 2013.

So, I'm saying goodbye for now, but not forever.  Hopefully, I'll be back according to schedule.  If you're in the path of Hurricane Sandy (and I'm sure a lot of you are), stay safe. 

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