Monday, September 3, 2012

The Latest Numbers . . . And Other Things

I have now posted pictures of 611 different women on my blog.  And far from having exhausted the number of potential candidates, I am gearing up to present even more.

As for my just-completed feature of athletes - "The Beauty of Sport, Part Two" - I must admit that I was surprised to find, once I began looking for female athletes that I hadn't featured yet, too many to feature in a  single month.  Oh, I knew there were plenty out there, even if you see most of them only once every four years at the Olympics. But because you don't see to many of them very often, my problem, so I thought when I started, was knowing where to look. So, having accumulated pictures of more athletes than I could use, I'm saving the surplus pictures of female athletes that I still have on file to form the basis of a third "Beauty of Sport" series later on  . . . and I can assure you that it won't take another five years and change to present it. :-D

As for the statistics on my second "Beauty of Sport" series, the results were quite illuminating.  I had a feeling  that Britain's Jessica Ennis would be a huge favorite, and sure enough, as of today, my first post of her has gotten 846 pageviews - easily making her my most popular subject of the month gone by . . . and by a wide margin.  French swimmer Coralie Balmy surprisingly came in second overall among the subjects of my second edition of  "The Beauty of Sport" - it was a surprise because she's not well-known outside France, and my blog doesn't get a lot of traffic from there - with 185 pageviews.  She's a distant second, to be sure, but second just the same.  For the even more distant third place, swimmer Natalie Coughlin edges out track racer Carmelita Jeter with 44 pageviews as opposed to 43.  So there's gold, silver and bronze for you. :-D

Again - I cannot emphasize this enough - I included retrospective posts of Sanya Richards-Ross and Allyson Felix after wrapping up my series, because even though I'd featured them before, I featured them as part of a relay team and not as individuals, which did not do them any justice.  Also, they were two of the biggest American stars at the London Olympics.   I couldn't ignore them.          

All right, then, I'm starting my next A to Z round . . . right after I get a special post out of the way.  Just one more thing . . ..  In my post honoring Sigourney Weaver this past July, I noted that she played a "doomed conservationist" in the docudrama movie Gorillas In the Mist without mentioning the conservationist's name.  Ms. Weaver, of course, played Dian Fossey in that film.  Also, in my post paying tribute to Allyson Felix, I made her an athlete of ancient times by saying she won a championship in "207," when of course I meant 2007.  Both original posts have since been corrected.

So . . . one more retrospective, then it's another A to Z round of previously unfeatured but very beautiful women . . ..

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