Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Beauty of Retrospect, Special Post: Nancy Donahue, 1979

I have avoided showing pictures of legendary model Nancy Donahue since December 2010 because, after we connected via social media as a result of she and some of her peers discovering this blog, I met her in person in 2010, just a week before Christmas, and we've become good friends. This means that, according to my own rules, I can't feature her on this blog anymore . . . because I don't feature women I know personally and have met in person. But in the course of surfing the interactive network known as the World Wide Web, I came across one picture of Nancy Donahue that I just couldn't resist including here.

This picture of our heroine gloriously tossing back her sensational blond hair comes from the early days of her modeling career - specifically, the November 1979 U.S. issue of Vogue, in a fashion editorial photographed by Patrick Demarchelier.  In late 1979, life sucked.  But Nancy Donahue and her peers made the time (and the decade to follow, which also sucked) much more bearable.  

Part of the pleasure of being my own boss and setting my own rules is that I can give myself permission to make exceptions to the rules every now and then. :-)

Back in a few days with the start of my next A-Z round . . . 

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