Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Latest Numbers (And Other Things)

I have now posted 591 women on this blog.  I've gotten well ahead of where I want to be in order to have posted pictures of a thousand different women by the time I mark the tenth anniversary of this blog in September 2016. :-)

With one of my first five hundred women now identified, I am adding Renata Vackova's name to the list of subjects I compiled back in September 2011.  (That Erno Laszlo model from September 2010 may remain forever anonymous. :-( )  Also, I am adding to my list of permanent links (on the right side of the page you are looking at now) a link to model-turned-photographer Janice O'Reilly's photography Web site, after having included in my most recent post featuring her. :-)

I'll be spending the remainder of July 2012 on retrospectives - women I've already featured - but for August 2012, I'll be devoting the entire month to female athletes, something I haven't done since March 2007 - in honor of the Olympics.  And it's better than the Olympics, because the Olympics last only two weeks and change.  And no sob stories here! 

Stay tuned. :-)

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