Monday, July 16, 2012

The Beauty Of Anonymity, Model ID Update: Renata Vackova!

Back In February 2011, I posted a black-and-white picture of a very sexy model from a Saks Fifth Avenue ad for Princess Marcella Borghese skin care products, asking anyone if they could identify her. Well, thanks to help from three blog viewers - and they all agree on this one - I can now identify her as Czech model and actress Renata Vackova.

Renata Vackova was very much in demand as a model in the mid-eighties, when this picture was taken.  She also made her presence felt in the movies at that same time; in 1984, she appeared in the film version of Amadeus, about the rivalry between composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri, which was directed by another Czech, Milos Forman.   

Here's a color photo of Renata Vackova, from 1985, which I managed to find.  It's from a Revlon ad.

Thanks to Barry, Cliff and Alfred for identifying this lovely woman. :-) 

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