Monday, May 14, 2012

The Beauty of Retrospect, Special Post: Two Modeling Legends in One Photo!

Think of the first two fashion models you ever saw that made a huge impression on you. Think of how euphoric you felt, being an adolescent male discovering the opposite sex for the first time. Now, imagine these same two beautiful women in one photograph! :-D

I, for one, don't have to merely imagine it.

Yes, this is American fashion and cosmetics model Karen Graham (left) with German model Margrit Ramme, my first two cover girl crushes, together in the same photo, taken by Ed Pfizenmaier.  I found this photo on Flickr.

I had no idea that these two modeling icons - both still favorites of mine - ever worked together before, and I found this photo more by accident than anything else.  It's a wonderfully astonishing picture, and it goes without saying that I'm happy to feature it here. 

And thanks to Ed Pfizenmaier for being inspired enough to pair these extraordinarily beautiful women together. :-)      

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