Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Beauty of Triple Retrospectives: Naomi Watts

So what has the comely Naomi Watts been doing since I originally featured the British-born, Australian-bred actress in May 2009?

She's continued to work steadily, thank you very much. In 2010 she appeared in Mother and Child, as a woman having been given up for adoption, though it did not receive a wide release in America. (Ironically, it was an American movie.)

More ubiquitous were her other major 2010 movies, Woody Allen's You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (as the wife of a frustrated writer), and Fair Game, as CIA agent Valerie Plame (an earlier subject on this blog) in a story about how Plame was outed in the aftermath of her husband's challenging of bogus claims of a malfeasant Iraqi nuclear weapon program.  In 2011's J. Edgar, she played FBI director J. Edgar Hoover's secretary Helen Gandy.

We can expect to see more of Naomi Watts in the future.

Fun fact: Her father was a road manager for Pink Floyd in the band's early years.

That's it for triple retrospectives.  New subjects are coming soon. :-)

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