Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Beauty of Triple Retrospectives: Cobie Smulders

I first featured Canadian actress Cobie Smulders, the brunette star of the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," in February 2007, and  I referred to her as "hot."  Since then she's gotten hotter. :-D

Her character Robin has dated Ted (Josh Radnor), the first-person title character, but we all know she is not his future wife. Robin has gone on to date Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and a psychotherapist named Kevin, and it looks like neither one of them is to be her future husband.

The series was renewed to start an eighth season in September 2012 well in advance, so it will be awhile, as of this posting, to learn the answers to these questions - answers the show's writers likely haven't dreamed up yet. In the meantime, Cobie Smulders is stretching out to add movies to her credits. She stars as Maria Hill in the 2012 movie adaptation of The Avengers

Cobie Smulders - "Cobie" is short for Jacoba, her given name - turns thirty in April 2012. 

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Steve said...

Update: We've since learned that Robin marries Barney!