Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MSNBC newswoman Alex Witt

Alex Witt has been on MSNBC almost as long as MSNBC itself has been on the air.

The Los Angeles-born broadcast journalist was a TV news reporter and producer in her hometown, working at the Los Angeles stations of three of the four major networks (Fox is the exception). She joined MSNBC in January 1999, less then three years after the channel first went on the air.

Though she's been a presence on MSNBC almost as long as Chris Matthews, Alex Witt is not a pundit. Her weekend news show, "Weekends With Alex Witt," airing from 12 noon to 2 P.M. every Saturday and Sunday, mostly reports the news, and Ms. Witt leaves what commentary there is to her guests.

She turned fifty in April 2011, and like CBS's Lesley Stahl, she isn't going to let age get in her way of continuing her career. :-)

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