Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fashion model Carol Alt

No blog focusing on beautiful women would be complete without including Carol Alt, and I feature her today with great enthusiasm. :-)

Carol Alt, as the leading brunette model of the 1980s, was one of those women whom other women wanted to emulate and men wanted to date. This was made clear by the magazine covers of the magazines she graced; in addition to appearing on Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Mademoiselle, she also appeared on the cover of the 1981 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue (as seen below).

The Queens-born model also appeared in numerous ad campaigns and was a runway model for Ralph Lauren. Eventually she tried her hand at acting, and while she hasn't been a big Hollywood presence, she found a very receptive audience in Italy, acting in several movies and TV shows there and learning to speak fluent Italian in the process.

More recently, she's become an expert in raw foods and has written guides to eating raw. She's also written two novels inspired by her original line of work, "This Year's Model" and "Model, Incorporated."

Fun fact: An avid hockey fan, Carol Alt was married to New York Rangers star Ron Greschner for twelve years (1984 to 1996).

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