Friday, August 12, 2011

Karen Graham Week 2, Part Six: Vogue, November 1973

These color pictures of Karen Graham are part of a huge editorial spread in the November 1973 issue of Vogue (all of the pictures you see this week are from U.S. editions) on how to look at what to wear, how to style hair, and how to accessorize for the coming winter of 1973-74. Ironically, this issue was published just before an oil crisis hit and made fashionable clothes, jewelry and the like less of a priority. But then, no one has ever bought a copy of Vogue for practical reasons. :-D

This feature is one of our heroine's biggest assignments for the magazine. Bill Blass clothes, Norell dresses, and Cartier jewelry dominate here.

I don't know which outfit is from which designer, but, again, do you think I care? I'm here to pay tribute to the woman who's wearing them. :-)

The pictures in this editorial feature were taken by Kourken Pakchanian, a photographer I'd never heard of before. These are just three of the many photos of Ms. Graham from this issue. :-)

They're some of the lovelist pictures of her that I've found. :-)

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