Saturday, August 13, 2011

Karen Graham Week 2, Part Seven: Vogue, February 1974

My tenth and last photo of Karen Graham from her Vogue magazine editorial work is this picture, from a Francesco Scavullo session.

Wow, she worked with everyone! :-D

The dress is from Gene Berk, a designer I've never heard of.

That's it for our weeklong journey through Ms. Graham's Vogue editorial assignments. But bear in mind that this is just a sampling of her work for that magazine in the early seventies; there are several more pictures of her that I haven't included here. Best to leave it that way . . . so I can leave you wanting more. 

Don't worry, I 'll get to those other pictures at a later date. Because Karen Graham is a woman I always return to on this blog. She sort of inspired its creation. :-)

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