Thursday, March 31, 2011

Model/actress Carolyn Murphy

Some people are irked by Carolyn Murphy. They think she looks too perfect.

But don't hold it against her. I'm sure she can't help it. :-D

Carolyn Murphy first gained attention in the mid-nineties with appearances in Prada ads.

The Panama City, Florida native signed an exclusive contract with the Estée Lauder cosmetics company, and she's been one of their spokesmodels since 2002.

She also has dabbled in acting, playing a role in Barry Levinson's semi-autobiographical movie Liberty Heights.


mustangsuprsnake said...

Nice selection of great looking women,but if you want the creme de le creme of beautiful women, check out KATE BEAVER on the internet movie data base( imdb )she's tall, FLAWLESS SKIN , and a body that is sculpted in everyway that a supermodels body should be!!!no need to thank me.

Steve said...

Thanks anyway! She's gorgeous! :-)