Friday, February 25, 2011

Kim Alexis, Then and Now

Kim Alexis has changed over the years, but at no expense to her beauty. Below is a photo of our heroine from 1980, fresh-faced and girlish, a mere twenty years old.

And here's a much more recent picture (from 2010) of a more mature Kim Alexis at fifty - with short hair!

She looks different. Not worse, only different. :-)

Of course, for those of you prefer a more recent picture of this supermodel legend with long locks . . . well, here you are! :-)

Here are some facts you may or may not know about Kim Alexis . . ..

She's of Swedish descent. Her paternal grandfather changed the family name to Alexis from Andersson.

She played herself in the series finale of "Cheers," as a presenter on a TV awards show. In the episode, Norm, Cliff, and their fellow barflies - aware that "stunning supermodel Kim Alexis," as they repeatedly call her, will be a presenter - keep the bar TV tuned in and the mute button on and wait with baited breath. In the meantime, they patiently wait through numerous announcements of pairs of presenters - like Margaret Thatcher and LL Cool J. ("Mute it!") Kim Alexis appears with football legend Mike Ditka.

And, as if Kim Alexis weren't associated enough with sports already, she's married to former hockey player Ron Duguay.

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Anonymous said...

Love the long hair. Don't know why women with beautiful hair chop it off at some magical "pumpkin hour" age.