Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Beauty of Dance: Part Three!

Once again, I am devoting an entire month to highlighting dancers. And, as always, looking for beautiful women in dance is like looking for flowers in the springtime. :-)

Attentive visitors to this blog will note that I have settled into focusing on dancers every other December. I hadn't planned it that way, I just fell into that pattern. I'm probably going to stay with that routine, though I could easily present Part Four of this series in 2011 and in some other month. ;-)

Of course, December seems like an appropriate month to feature dancers, especially ballet dancers, what with ballet companies all over America performing The Nutcracker and all that.

Well, I'll see when Part Four comes. For now, let's get to Part Three. As usual, there are many lovely women in modern dance and ballet to feature, and I know just how to present them.

Alphabetically. :-D

So let's go! :-)

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