Monday, November 29, 2010

The Beauty of Retrospect: Goodbye, Jennifer Granholm

I take one last trip to Michigan, where the air is cold and the governor is hot. In the latter case, not for much longer.

The forty-seventh governor of the state of Michigan, Democrat Jennifer Granholm, is due to step down from her office in January. The Canadian-born politician, who has tried to help Michigan make the transition to a cleaner and greener manufacturing base, has had to deal with budget cuts and a loss of jobs in her state throughout her two terms. However, Granholm's commitment to economic fairness and her fine legal mind - she almost was appointed to the Supreme Court seat taken by Sonia Sotomayor - continue to make her a respected figure in the Democratic party.

She'll be replaced by Rick Snyder, who won the 2010 Michigan gubernatorial election largely due to President Obama's standing in the state. In fact, Snyder probably couldn't have made it without Obama's influence on the Michigan electorate.

There's just one thing wrong with that. Rick Snyder was the Republican candidate. :-O

I'm going to miss Jennifer Granholm. :-(

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