Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Beauty of Retrospect, November Actress Edition: Zoe Saldana

And now, it's request time. At the beginning of this retrospective series of women I've featured before, I asked if anyone had any personal requests. I got one from TaRessa of New Jersey writes, "How about some Zoe Saldana?"

TaRessa of New Jersey, your wish is my command! :-)

Here again is a picture of the celebrated actress, whose most recent credits as of this writing (besides Avatar) include Takers and the American remake of Death at a Funeral.

I've also received a request from Mr. E.F. Gumby of London, who writes:

"I'd like . . . to see . . . John the Baptist's impersonation of . . . Graham Hill!"

Sorry, Mr. Gumby, you obviously have this blog confused with something else. How about another picture of Ms. Saldana instead? :-)

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