Monday, October 25, 2010

TV newswoman Susan Roesgen

Susan Roesgen is an intrepid television reporter and anchorwoman who has worked at several television stations, from WABC-TV in New York and WDSU-TV in New Orleans to KFMB-TV in San Diego.

In 2005 she joined CNN and reported on Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans before moving to CNN's Chicago bureau in 2007. Her career took an unexpected and unfortunate turn when she interviewed angry people at a Tea Party rally in downtown Chicago in April 2009 and posed some piercing questions, only to get roughed up by the demonstrators. CNN later announced that it would not renew her contract after Tea Party activists complained about her.

This was completely unfair. I saw that report, and Ms. Roesgen was not to blame for what happened. She became a heorine of mine after her valiant efforts to reveal the Tea Party for what they are.


Cajundweeb said...

Quick update:
Susan Roesgen is back in New Orleans at WGNO-TV, doing "News With a Twist" at 5 AND 6 PM weekdays, as well as the occasional specials. She often can be heard on WWNO-FM 89.9 and KTLN 90.5 FM helping them out with their pledge drives.

Steve said...

Thanks! Glad to hear she's back on the air, and thanks for the link to the page for her "News With a Twist" show at! :-)