Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Actress Lea Thompson

The classic time travel movie Back To the Future found Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) going thirty years back in time from the date of Saturday, October 26, 1985 (the movie actually came out a few months earlier than that date). Twenty-five years to the day after that date, the cast of that movie re-united on television - including Lea Thompson, who played Lorraine McFly, Marty's mother, at both the ages of 17 and 47. (Thompson was 24 at the time.)

So, who do you think I'm going to feature today? :-)

The Minnesota-born Thompson aspired to be a ballet dancer but became an actress when, studying under Mikhail Baryshnikov, was told by the great Russian dancer she didn't have the right build for ballet. She then became an actress and distinguished herself in her first big film - 1983's All The Right Moves, in which she played the girlfriend of a high school student (Tom Cruise) vying for a football scholarship. She played Marty McFly's mother and great-grandmother in sequels to Back To The Future, as well as appearing in the Howard Deutch movie Some Kind of Wonderful. She married Deutch in 1989.

Lea Thompson also played a cartoonist in the late-nineties TV series "Caroline In the City."

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