Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Catherine Deneuve in Black and White

I'm staying with the French for the time being . . . :-)

Black and white photography, we are told, has a purity all its own.  Maybe that's why Catherine Deneuve, France's greatest living actress, is more stunning in black and white than many of the color photos she's posed for.  (Not that she isn't stunning in living color, of course.)

The photo above is from 1965, in which our heroine looks wonderfully ethereal.  Then there's the picture below from 1966, where she looks downright sexy in a black-and-white body suit. :-D

No, I don't know what a picture of the Shah of Iran and his wife is doing in the background. 

Of course, Catherine Deneuve will always look great in monochromatic tones, even when she looks pensive and quiet . . . as depicted below.

The actress, who turned 73 in October 2016, remains, as always, a living legend. :-D :-)  


jean said...

Totally agree. Catherine Deneuve is one of the most beautiful women in the world on par with Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Lena Horne. Another French actress I consider une grande beauté is Isabelle Adjani. A fine actress and humanitarian who always retains her mystery.

Steve said...

Thanks for the comment. As a matter fact, Jean, I have featured Isabelle Adjani here before. :-)