Monday, August 1, 2016

The Beauty of Retrospect: Olympics Edition!

As the Games of the XXXI Olympiad are being held this month in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I thought it would be very much appropriate to do an Olympic-themed series of beautiful female athletes this month.

Alas, I can't feature any new subjects, because I'm mostly unfamiliar with the female (and male, for that matter) star athletes who are competing at the Olympics this month (assuming they're not staying home to avoid the Zika virus) and a lot of what I might say about them might be dated after featuring them based on the results of the competitions.  So I am instead going to take this time to look back at athletes I've featured here before.  I'm only looking at athletes in non-winter sports; it didn't make sense to revisit Julia Mancuso or Kristi Yamaguchi in the dead of August.  Also, as it turns out far as being current here, only two of the women I'm again looking at this month are competing in the 2016 Games (a third athlete I'm revisiting hoped to compete in 2016 but was eliminated in the trials), and a couple of them haven't competed since the last time Bill and Hillary were in the White House.  But when I have another all-new feature of beautiful women in sports, I hope to include new stars who emerge from these 2016 Games.  

I'm ashamed to admit this, but when it comes to following sports like swimming and track and field, I find it difficult to stay up to date with them between Olympiads because American sports culture focuses on them only when the in the lead-up to the Olympics and the Olympics themselves.  That's why a lot of us end up watching the Games and rooting for American athletes, male and female, we hadn't heard of a month ago.

Oh yes, as for the two women that I will be revisiting here who are competing in Rio . . . I'll have updates at the end of the month as to how they did. Because I at least want to stay up to date.  :-)

Also, every woman I look at again this month will have only one blog post devoted to her, with one picture in each post . . . except one woman.  I won't reveal who that is just yet, but if you've read my regular blog, Miscellaneous Musings, recently, I'm sure you can guess her identity. ;-)

Back soon with the first retrospective.    

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