Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Beauty of Retrospect: Another Model Trio

I couldn't resist the temptation or pass up the opportunity to throw in another look back at women I've featured before on this blog before starting a new A-Z round.  And once again, I'm looking back at models, two of whom I did week-long features for in the month just gone by; the third model appeared in a retrospective post from this past February. :-)

Pictured above, from a catalog photo, are Sheila Johnson at top, and Nancy Donahue at lower right.  They are joined here by another Nancy - Nancy DeWeir, who has worked with both women at other times.

Catalog photos, as I mentioned before, are bread-and-butter assignments for top models, and - as I'm sure I've also said before - imagine how they look in high-class fashion editorials if they look this gorgeous in a catalog! :-D 

Back soon with new subjects. :-)   

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