Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Latest Statistics

Here are the latest data (it's a plural word, look it up) on the ten most popular posts on this blog.  Feel free, as always, to click on the chart to enlarge it.  As you can see, there's one big change.

A lot of people are clearly into AccuWeather's Stef Davis; my post of her from March 2014 surged from eighth place into sixth, with 4,085 views, and its popularity shows no sign of cooling.  My July 2011 post of television reporter Kristen Welker remains the most popular post on this blog by a wide margin, though, with 38,630 views compared to 13,407 for the runner-up, my September 2009 post of model Sheila Johnson, whose portfolio I delved into to provide a whole week of posts in the month just ending.  But my first look at Ms. Johnson remains the most popular of all posts devoted to her.

In January 2015, posts of actress Kaley Cuoco, actress Erin Gray, model and photographer Barbara Minty, and television reporter Atia Abawi were in sixth, seventh, ninth, and tenth, respectively; though their positions have obviously shifted, their order of positioning remains the same.

I'll leave you to ponder all that while I prepare for a new A-Z round of previously unfeatured women for April and May.  And, to avoid the implication of an April Fool's joke, let me get this out of the way: My post for April 1 will be another retrospective, as I wanted to publish it before I started on new subjects.  So here we go, into a new month and new posts.  :-)          

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