Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Beauty of Retrospect: Nancy Donahue Week, Part One

And now, to Nancy Donahue. :-)

Nancy Donahue began working steadily as a model when she joined the prestigious Elite agency in New York in 1979, just as more models were becoming known by their names and thus becoming celebrities in their own right.  This photo is from one of her earliest assignments, for an Avon catalog.

This picture places Ms. Donahue in front of an uncharacteristically unglamorous tableau - an industrial backdrop.  The photo is for Avon's skin care line, promoting it as "tomorrow's skin care for today's environment" - acknowledging the environment in late-seventies America as being one with more pollution and smog.  

Ms. Donahue herself looks very fresh-faced here - and very laid-back in a blouse and blazer, the collars of both being casually askew. :-)  She would retain that style going forward.   

Thanks to Kissy Mentovay for the picture.

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