Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Beauty of Retrospect: Alda Balestra Week, Part Five

Here are two pictures to close my week-long retrospective look at Alda Balestra, both of them recent.

In late middle age, Ms. Balestra still looks fashionable and sophisticated, whether in a conservative hat and scarf . . .

. . . or an ensemble with a little more flair. :-)

Ms. Balestra moved to New York and remained there at the close of her modeling career, working as a fashion producer and editor.  There, she gave birth to her two children, and in the year 2000 she began the next phase of her life when she relocated to Berlin with her husband Claus von Stauffenberg and her son and daughter.   She has been there since then, working in communications and public relations, with a specialty for art and design,  She organizes events and promotes new artists.

Alda Balestra hasn't forgotten where she came from. though.  She regularly promotes a cross-cultural dialogue between Berlin and her hometown of Trieste, and she finds many Berliners to be fascinated by Trieste and its history.  The Trieste connection is one she's proud of.  "I have always maintained a strong connection with my homeland, my family, and my friends," she told an Italian news site.

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