Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Beauty of Sport, Part Three: Hurdler Michelle Jenneke

Michelle Jenneke is a rising star in Australian track and field.  Specifically, in hurdling.

Although she has yet to compete in the Olympics (though she did compete in the 2010 Youth Olympics, winning a silver medal in the women's 100-meter hurdles race), Michelle Jenneke has already scored impressive victories Down Under.  She won the 100-meter hurdles race in and the 4x100 hurdles relay at the 2010 Australian Junior Championships, setting a national record in the latter event.

She won gold medals in the exact same events at the 2010 Oceania Youth Championships in Sydney.  

Her name may sound familiar to you for reasons other than her athleticism.  Her warm-up routine, which involves dancing, was caught on video and went viral, making her a heartthrob far beyond Oz.  But let's keep things in perspective here; Michelle Jenneke is on this blog because she's beautiful, all right, but also because she has a substantial track and field record to back up her style.

And I would bet that she'll be an Olympic champion in Rio in 2016.  You heard it here first. :-)      

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