Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Beauty of Retrospect: Nancy Dutiel

Another eighties beauty named Nancy! :-) 

In her relatively short tenure as the Lancôme cosmetics company's U.S. spokesmodel, Nancy Dutiel left behind a a plethora of lovely pictures from that ad campaign, more than some models have in their entire portfolios.  In some of them, she looks rather regal, as in the photo above.  In others, as in the one below, she almost looks somewhat mischievous.    

Although her misfortune of preceding Isabella Rossellini (who's also been honored here) meant that she was forgotten almost as soon as she was replaced in 1983 - preceding Isabella Rossellini is even tougher than following her - Nancy Dutiel hasn't been forgotten here.  She's been a regular feature of this blog since it debuted in September 2006. 

And if there are any doubts as to whether she was a great model, the color photo below should erase all of those doubts.  

Don't you think? :-)

She was so great that, even when she was modeling for Lancôme, she found time to model for other clients, such as Neiman Marcus.  The photo below (the gentleman with her is male model Conrad Bell, for those who want to know) is from a 1980 ad for that store.

The fur department, of course. 

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