Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Beauty of Retrospect: Nancy Donahue, 1982

Attentive followers of this blog are aware that I connected with eighties supermodel Nancy Donahue through social media and met her in person after having originally featured her here in early 2010.  Thus, she's now someone I know personally, and so I now normally refrain from featuring her on this blog per my own ground rules. But when I find a picture of her that's too good not to share here, I make an exception. Well, here are two exceptions. :-) 

The above photo, from 1982, features Ms. Donahue in one of the most intense poses she's ever struck, captured magnificently by the Italian fashion photographer Renato Grignaschi, and brilliantly bringing out the color in her eyes.

The second photo is from the same time, in which she offers a pose that is less intense but no less captivating.  

So, there are in fact pictures that violate my own rules that are worth making exceptions for. :-) 

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