Saturday, April 28, 2018

The Beauty of Retrospect (and Anonymity): Margrit Ramme With Friends

You all know the ethereally lovely blonde reclining at the bottom of this photo - Margrit Ramme, the evergreen German model who has been a regular subject on this blog (and whom I last featured in December 2017).

But who are her friends?

This photo is from a late-seventies ad for Gimbels Department Store (remember Gimbels?) in New York,  and while Margrit Ramme is instantly recognizable, I have no idea who the other two models are.  Having featured Alison Vietor in July 2011 and then featuring her as an unidentified model in December 2017 without being able recognize her, I am well aware that I might have featured one or both of the other women by name already, and that certainly would be embarrassing, would it?  But then models are so good at projecting different looks, so that sometimes happens.  And need I remind you that Esmé Marshall and Julie Wolfe looked so much like each other that even modeling agents couldn't tell them apart? :-D 

Anyway, I do recognize Margrit Ramme - a dear friend of mine - and that's why I'm featuring this photo here.  If anyone can identify both of or even one of the other two women, please leave a comment in the field below this post. 

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