Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Latest Numbers (And Other Things)

I have posted pictures of 1,080 different women on this blog, and I am on course to reach 1,100 by the end of this blog's eleventh year in late September 2017.  I won't bother to recap the ten most popular posts on this blog, as nothing has changed; the same posts occupy the same positions.  I believe my top-ten list has assumed permanent shape.

Also, I'd like to address, before anyone else does, an issue with my just-concluded fourth series of beautiful athletes, which was the fact that nine out of my ten subjects were white - the exception being Jackie Joyner-Kersee.  I wasn't trying to exclude women of color; I wasn't trying to exclude anyone.  I simply picked the first names that came to mind or the first female athletes I found online.  Bear in mind that female athletes, for the most part, aren't as famous as their male counterparts for obvious - and obviously misogynistic - reasons, so their names don't come to mind as quickly or as easily as Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, or Michael Strahan.  (See what I mean?  See how quickly I came up with three male athletes named Michael - only one of them a white guy?)   But I believe I've kept my blog very diverse in the nearly eleven years I've been doing this, so I don't apologize to anyone for lack of diversity.  In putting together my fourth "Beauty of Sport" series, though, I did drop the ball - pun intended - and I'll make an effort to do better next time.

Meanwhile, I have to acknowledge the death of Jeanne Moreau, who died yesterday (July 31) at 89.  I featured her here - four years to the day before her death, by a bizarre coincidence - and even though my July 31, 2013 post of Mlle. Moreau will remain, I will not of course post any more pictures of her going forward per my own my rule of not featuring women here after their deaths.

Back tomorrow with another A-Z series of new subjects - twenty women in total. :-)        

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